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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Good Day from this Fellow of the spiritual Brotherhood!

Time and events are accelerating the paces towards the planetary leap towards a higher dimension. Amid all the quickening, where goes the alleged Illuminati agenda for Terrans?

Lucifer is now gone, deprogrammed or ‘brought back to the basic essence’, with the Lord Michael doing the arrest and presenting him before the Council of 24 Elders. Planetary Ascension is just over a year plus couples of months ahead. What goes now in the Illuminati circles down here in the surface of the planet?

The Illuminati, its hierarchy referred to as ‘committee of 300’ (see J. Coleman’s writings), comprises of corrupted adepts who were once in the path of Light. Originally called Illumined Ones from Orion, they migrated to Terra in the hope of escaping from the wars between Beteleguese and Rigel.

In the course of time, they were coopted by the Adeptic hierarchy on Terra who were loyal to Lucifer. They turned into corrupted ones, and were the implementers of the evil agenda of Dark Masters down here on the surface.

I did make a recent check up on the alternative plans of these Fallen Ones, and saw a series of visions including those of a Dark Master (extraterrestrial, wearing black cape). The visions all pointed out to the agenda of annihilating Terran humans as a last ditch effort to recoup from their losses inclusive of their lost of Lucifer (Ahriman is next to face the trial and deprogramming).

How would they be able to carry out an annihilation option at this time, when the Forces of Lord Gabriel, the Seraphim, and the Galactic Confederation of Light have been preparing to bamboozle the Dark Masters and seal off the planet from new Dark Force entrants coming here to reinforce Lucifer’s puppet adepts? Gatekeeper Councils of White Robes are also in place, with Light Adepts thus participating in neutralization of some of the Illuminati events and activities.

The agendum of a 3rd World War that will supposedly begin with a conflict of Semites versus Persians has been stalled so far. Semites refer to the Israel-Sunni Arab alliance, whereas Persians refer to the Shiite Iranians and allies. (See my social writings at Ikonoklast: for analysis of the coming war.) Granted that, using Israel as an offensive force will turn that planned conflict into a reality, how far can it go as planned, given that the 2012 event is too near?

How about the agendum of creating a unified tyrannical Europe that will be led by the reincarnated Napoleon Bonaparte (refer to my previous articles on Bonaparte’s/Augustus Ceasar’s return)? The plan should have been executed in mid-2009 yet, as the Lisbon Treaty already ensured the creation of a centralized authority, with the option of abolishing member states and creating dozens of regions of similar territories and populations in their stead? Obviously a plan that has stalled!

In the long run, Lucifer’s adepts have envisioned a ‘technotronic society’ where cyborgs will be in control of humans, similar to the theme of the Matrix and Terminator film series. Can the dark adepts push through with the agenda, given the closeness of 2012? Or, will they push through with the dark agenda in that negative 4th density planet where they will be eventually transferred alongside the negative persons of Terra? (See my writings on ‘technotronic capitalism’ in and

One thing is getting clearer today: the Evil Agenda as planned by the Illuminati/Committee of 300 is getting less feasible to undertake today. Masters of Light and their chelas have been able to derail such broad agenda of destruction, inclusive of those simulated earthquakes (using submarine nuke blasts and Tesla Earthquake Machine or TEM) that could have destroyed couples of cities worldwide.

The ‘twilight of the gods’ is the current situation for the Dark Masters, even as Lord Gabriel’s forces have been arresting the hierarchs of evil (those on top of the ladder will be destroyed in the Lake of Fire). The Illuminati down here knows the situation very well, and deeply they are very bothered and demoralized.

Their minor subalterns, inclusive of freethinkers who are neither free nor thinkers but are puppets of Dark Masters, are on last ditch efforts to insult and slander Adepts of Light or White Robes, but are gradually being exposed. Among them are those active slanderers in internet social networks who pretend to be Lightworkers but are actually puppets of Moloch, Beelzeebub, Behemoth, Bamat (breeder of incubi/succubi), and so forth.

Not a single Evil One, from the Dark Masters in the etheric-astral planes to the Illuminates on Terra’s surface, and down the line to their subalterns of dirty operators, will escape the judgements awaiting them. Illuminati adepts and the negative persons will be transferred to the planet suited for their awareness, and there they can engage in every evil engagement they can think.

As far as Earth is concerned, time is running out on the former Illumined Ones’ who are today’s ‘Corrupted Ones’. The spiritual Hierarchy of Christed Ones will be definitely taking over Terra en toto, and the establishment of spiritual governance here equates to the ejectment of the Illuminati and their subalterns.

[Philippines, 07 January 2011]


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