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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang araw! Good day!h

I will shed light today about the healing therapy for bipolar disorder. I’m sure the bipolar personalities among you readers would find this news gladdening enough. The cure comes from yoga, and yes, it does heal the disorder completely, thus enabling the person to stop the bouts of schizophrenia.

To clarify first of all, bipolar disorder of BiP can be cured only by the sick person concerned. It takes a personal decision, really high levels of determination and fidelity to self-integration methods, for a person to get out of that cul de sac called schizophrenia. Without that willingness, a bipolar, more so the one who regresses into childhood, may find the regressed state so addictive that s/he may become ambivalent about a total healing for the ailment, whether this ambivalence is conscious or unconscious.

Pal, you are your own Savior, remember this always. Even against demonic beings only you can be saved from them when you get attacked. And a schizophrenic normally gets to be attacked by a team of demons as huge a size as a platoon of evil predators who use you to suck your Light from out of you while you remain helpless. Save yourself, and forge that will to save yourself.

To begin with, learn to do yoga meditation. And I mean the Meditation method, with that capital M. Not the physical yoga (hatha) that can only embroil you in another addiction (physicalism) and eventually reinforce your self-addicting childhood regression as a BiP. Best to learn it from a yogi, the better if a Teacher of the Path. If you can do with self-learning methods, then please look at my article archives for the lessons on yoga.

Next, if you are ready, and I mean really psychologically prepared and not just take this lesson as a curiosity, then please do the following (for your own sake):

• BASIN. Procure a basin, small but deep enough that will allow you to deep your feet into it. Green colored basin would be good, though purple would be better as this is the color of healing. Remember, you must use this basin solely for the healing and not to wash your dishes, clothes, or other tasks. This must be a DEDICATED basin, to stress a bit.

• WATER. Once you have the basin with you, pour tap water into it. I’m sure you know what ‘tap water’ is. Pour sufficiently to ensure that both of your feet can get dipped into the content, filling up till 6 inches up from the bottom at least.

• SALT. Apply two (2) spoonfuls of salt on the water. Use rock salt preferably. Salt is good at neutralizing and/or absorbing negative vibrations.

• NORTH/EAST. During the healing meditation, face either North or East for better results. Maximize on the energies from those cardinal points. In case you’re not sure where this is (e.g. you’re residing in a high rise condominium), then buy a compass. That will give you the direction, okey?

• YOGA POSITION. Sit on a chair or stool in a most comfortable post. Follow your meditation procedures taught to you. The asana (hand position) here is unique. But first, condition yourself in a relaxed mood, pray before you meditate (if you follow this step), be focused.

• HAND POSITION 1. While in relaxed, focused state, dangle your right arm—with open palm directed North or East (whichever point you face)—down to your right leg position. Simultaneously, rest your left arm—with open palm facing upwards—on your left lap. The palms must be FULLY OPEN, to stress a bit. Meditate in this position for ten (10) minutes.

• HAND POSITION 2. Change asanas. Lift up your left arm—with open palm facing your front body area—till it gets pass your shoulder in vertical position. Simultaneously, rest your right arm—with open palm facing upwards—on your right lap. Meditate on this position for ten (10) minutes.
• LAST ROUND OF MEDITATION. Get back to hand position 1 and meditate for five (5) minutes in this position. Then, get back to hand position 2, and meditate in this position for an equal five (5) minutes.

• REGULAR BREATH/DISPOSE WATER. After the healing session, go back to regular breathing for at least seven (7) minutes. As soon as you’re back in your regular breathing and frequency mode, you can stand up and throw away the water you used as this contains a humungous amount of dark energies. Let me stress: THROW THE WATER AWAY and don’t use this to water plants or drink for pets or any other use. It is of no use, full of dense, negative energies.

Keep on meditating on this asanas for months or even years. The rationale is that this yoga technique will help you to coordinate the two (2) lobes of your brain. Bipolar disorder is synonymous with dis-coordination between the left and right brain lobes, so increasing their coordination and interface (to use cybernetics terminology) will redound to stabilizing you mentally, socially, and emotionally.
With that coordination improved, you will be on the road to total healing. When you’re healed, you can decide to cut down this exercise to just twice a week for six (6) months. Then, move it down further to just once a week for the rest of your life. This is now more of a preventive medicine exercise, “para sigurado” as we say it in Filipino.

That’s it, Pal, this lesson is for free and I hope you to share it to other folks out there even if you’re no bipolar yourself. The point is, no ailment is without cure. That healing starts and ends with yourself in it. Always start with that will to heal yourself. For bipolar persons out there who’d want to try this track, good luck to your self-healing work. Amen.

[Writ 16 May 2008. Quezon City, MetroManila]

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