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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang araw! Good day!

I just recently received a communication from a Canadian spiritual seeker, a lady, who is now going through tumultuous changes. She, like many other seekers and even devotees whom I’ve encountered in the past, is interested in the matter of ‘old soul’, and requests more information about the matter.

Many writings were already elaborated in the past regarding ‘evolved souls’, notably those released by the founders of the Theosophical Society (Blavatsky, Hodson, Q. Judge, Leadbeater, Bessant). Many other mystics and masters who came after them also made substantial contributions to the subject. In some previous writings of mine, like the ones about freethinkers, individuated psyche, free spirits, I did present a synthesis of the thoughts of previous thinkers about the matter (please see my previous articles in my blogs:,

To simplify the subject, we begin with Blavatsky’s thought that we all go through three (3) levels of evolution that take place simultaneously: spiritual, mental, physical. As we progress in the material and mental dimensions, so should we also evolve in the spiritual dimension. Not only our physical-etheric and mental bodies but also our souls do evolve. It is ‘soul age’ that is the true measure of one’s age rather than the chronological age which is a mere analytical devise that is replete with illusions.

Following the ‘law of uneven development’, we better note that not all souls progress at similar paces. There are those souls who were very lackadaisical in the Path, were so slow in absorbing the wisdom lessons, and have lagged behind the more fast-paced ones. These souls we mystics call the ‘laggards’ or ‘evolutionary laggards’.

On the other hand, there are those souls who were more determined in evolving fast and are endowed with the spirit of conquerors. They quest for the heights of the Path and desire to conquer the lower self in the shortest time possible ever. They rise like the Sphinx, and thus become leaders among men and women in all walks of life. We mystics call them the ‘evolved souls’ or ‘highly evolved souls’.

In ancient China the term for the laggard is ‘young soul’ while that for the evolved soul is ‘old soul’. These terms sound cute, so I’d use them more than the terms laggards and evolved souls. The term ‘laggard’ sounds pejorative, and is immersed in Victorian embellishments, so I’d better use ‘young soul’ before some true laggards out there might wish to stone me to death for sounding condescending.

As a matter of convenience, I’d refer to those between the young and old souls as the ‘middling souls’. Many of these souls are now on the threshold to ‘old soul’ age. Though they cannot yet move apart from the devotional methods that are common among young souls, they are also open to new ideas or unconventional thought about the higher mysteries. They are the hybrid devotee-seeker.

Moving back to the old souls, because they are fast-pacers and they can lead in the Path, they are often brought back to the physical plane by the Karmic Board as soon as they leave their bodies upon (physical) death. They hardly have rest in the higher spheres at all. They immediately plunge back to the physical plane for The Work. Upon returning here they are quick to show the psyche of a Seeker and are scornful of superstitious orthodoxies that are fit for the young souls.

As such, they are right away assigned by the Cosmic Hierarchy with spirit guides (Catholics’ ‘guardian angels’) of higher caliber than the rest of the population upon return. Most often they meet these guides early in life, who appear to them in dreams or materialize in front of them while they are still kids.

The oldest of souls are provided right away with guides who are of an even higher caliber: spiritual masters. A mahatma or ascended master serves the role of an ‘adviser’ who is the main guru of the aspiring soul. The mahatma than assigns ‘masters of wisdom’ to the said soul for each of the different phases in his/her initiation. Sometimes a mighty angel such as a Seraph will team up with a master to guide the aspiring old soul.

In my Path for instance, my mahatma happens to be the chohan of the 1st Ray (warriorship) of the cosmic order, the Great White Lodge, whom I met via a dream at age 18. He had since guided me along the way, and recently assigned a master and a seraph as my ‘spiritual professors’. Master J and Master Seraph (I don’t know the angel’s name) manifest before me every now and then in meditation visions and in the dream state. The seraph is particularly robust, tall and mightily awesome, and it will scare any Fallen One to dare to come and attack me if it perceives this celestial guide and guardian.

Because old souls tap cosmic energy so naturally more than the middling and young souls, they also normally radiate with a magnetism that seems beyond comprehension. They end up as charismatic leaders, as born leaders, and even under duress, stress and storm they rise up like the mighty Sphinx to become the conquerors of all spheres of life. Even in the financial-business world today they have carved out mighty domains and huge followings.

As adolescents they are already filled with the sense of urgency to plunge into The Work. Not only do they study The Teaching with a hunger that ordinary folks can’t comprehend, they also do service, advocacy, organizing, and related deeds of the High Cause with such zeal and passion that they exude the psyche of responsible adults too early in life.

While they may exhibit such fondness for the folks (young and middling souls) whom they perceive as clientele worth serving, they have ambivalence over shallow, petty, impertinent pursuits, talks and thoughts from the latter. One old soul whose excessive ambivalence led him to an even deeper condescension over the folks, F. Nietzsche, eventually fell in the Path and was overshadowed by the Hierarchs of Evil. So for the old souls out there, please rethink the way you behave towards the folks, so that you can say you’re still well on track in the Path of Light.

Now, since I mentioned ‘the fall’, I may as well inform the readers that old souls do comprise of both the ‘Lightworkers’ and the ‘Fallen Ones’. Edgar Cayce, the great American 20th century mystic, referred to the former as the ‘Goodly Company’ and the latter as the ‘Sons of Belial’. As a mystic I do recognize the possibility of The Fall, that many old souls did fall many steps behind. Engagement in black magic, corruption, totalitarian domination, abominations and so on by any old soul clearly indicates his/her fall along the way.

So we now face this situation of polarity, as seemingly an equal number of old souls are positioned on either side of the coin. Many old souls are still falling today, while many fallen ones are getting back to the Path of Light. There is imbalance in the world, as the Fallen Ones do not seem to follow ‘rules of engagement’, have violated the truce concurred 100,000 years before between the Arch. Michael’s forces and those of Lucifer’s, they blatantly continue with their evil designs till these days.

We do need to accept this reality, for we are a Fallen Planet. Earth is a domain of the Fallen Ones, and they are simply asserting their perceived pre-emptive right towards this planet, its resources and its populations. And these Fallen Ones connect well to forces outside the solar system, whom they have called for to their side in their past, present and future offensives.

But many Fallen Ones do go back to the Path of Light, many have already returned, and this is the good news. The true old souls, the true pathfinders, our sanguine leaders in the Path they are, who have rejoined those who never fell at all. They are always welcome to the Path, the Almighty One is as merciful as ever and has welcomed back these prodigal sons and daughters.

Admittedly, as an old soul and mystic, I do possess a very bellicose attitude towards the Fallen Ones. They can never be trusted. However, I have modified my attitude, in that I will never go out mission-wise to track down and destroy them. We are an open market of souls here, Earth is a spiritual laissez faire, let them Fallen Ones do their convincing tasks while we Light Workers or Christ-Force workers do ours, each one respecting our rights to disseminate and propagate our respective teachings.

To my fellow Christ-centered old souls out there, fear not the Fallen Ones. Seek ye the protection of your Guides and the Almighty One. But please learn to protect yourself too. The shamanic mystics have already released to the world many of the protective tools, it just takes a matter of perseverance to search for and locate the tools and apply them accordingly. And fear not death in the Path, for above you are the Guides who will catch and secure you any time that death comes unexpectedly.

Think only of advancing The Cause. And please be an exemplar in all the spheres of life, which Blavatsky and the Asian teachers outlined as: Will, Wisdom, Art, Devotion, Science, Service, Alchemy. Failing in each one of the seven (7) categories or criteria will raise doubts as to your ‘old soul’ contentions, and will make you return back in another incarnation to where you were before.

The Cause is summed up in the line: “freedom for all is the ultimate cause of all causes” (see Collegium Liberum). So let it be. Aum.

[Writ 05 February 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]

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