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Erle Frayne Argonza

As an adolescent youth in the 70s who was attracted to social theory and metaphysics, my eyes beheld the great potency of a paradigm that was then making waves within academic social science: Marxist theory. Among the things that particularly caught my attention, aside from Marxism’s explanatory potency, was the archetypal language embedded in it.

Marx constructed his philosophy (dialectical materialism) and science (sociology or ‘historical materialism’) at a time of intense conflict between materialism and idealism, in a context we now refer to as Victorian. Aware of that context, I simplified my explanation of Marx’s archetypal language as characteristic of the poetic-allegorical language of the Victorian academe. Scientific concepts were just being constructed then, so in the absence of a developed template of scientific-empirical concepts the thinkers resorted to allegorical language as a substitute.

In the works of the early Marx, archetypal language was particularly marked. Marx’s model of society actually used Masonic terms such as ‘superstructure’, ‘base’ or ‘substructure’ or ‘infrastructure’, and mimetically likened society to a house. It was pure and plain Masonic, this modeling and conceptual frame. Just exactly what made Marx decide to use Masonic symbolism, was it pure borrowing from the freemasons or was he in fact involved in secret Masonic lodges that prompted him to use the secret society’s accepted archetypes?

In the same works of the young Marx, there was the philosophical tackling of the Promethean myth. Per his interpretations, accordingly Prometheus signified the evolving self-consciousness of Man, that the ‘flame from Olympus’ signified the ‘spirit of Reason’ in its purest essence (he was now borrowing from Hegel), that such self-consciousness signified the long-term path to liberation for mankind.

As I advanced in my studies of metaphysics or ‘ancient wisdom’, I came to know what mystics knew about the Promethean myth, as the myth caught my mind’s attention in like vein that it caught Marx’s interest when he was still a young man. To my surprise, Marx came so very, very close to the deep mystical knowledge inhering in the Promethean myth, thus compounding my own thesis that Marx was a seeker and was no atheist as his followers were wont to believe he was. If seeker was Marx indeed, for what Force was he working for: Light or Dark?

You see, in the mystical tradition, Prometheus indeed signifies the continuing evolution of man from the feeble-thinking subhuman of antiquity to the self-conscious Man (root word MANU, meaning self-reflecting being) of the present-to-future epochs, henceforth the future liberation or nirvana of mankind. Along that Path, the hindrance to Man has been Desire, signified by the vulture that kept on consuming Prometheus’ liver as he was bound to a rock in penalty for his crime of bringing forth Light to mankind. Vulture is a bird species, and bird is signifier for the Phallus which is a signifier for Desire.

Didn’t Marx come so close then to the mystical knowledge secretly inhering in the Promethean myth, a secret that can be unlocked by advanced seekers and mystics along the Path to nirvana? He was, verily he was! Did Marx honestly intuit on the deep meaning of the Promethean archetype, or did he already encounter this myth during the start of his secret initiation into the deep mysteries? It was a puzzle for me then, a puzzle that I was only able to solve in the 1990s.

As a yogi-mystic in the 1990s I came to encounter information about the Marx-Engels team as being themselves involved in Masonic lodges. That alone made my hair rise on all ends, confirming my thesis that both thinkers were seekers. However, to my dismay, I found out that they were Pathfinders of the Dark Path, and I knew right then that the flocks of their followers were being deceived by their philosophical masters. Let me note their three basic lies below.

First of all, Marx and Engels made the impression upon their followers that they were atheists who proclaimed unto the world the death knell to spirituality whether exoteric or esoteric. Yet there really was no open admission by both thinkers that they were in fact cadres of atheism. They were thinkers of socialism, prophets of a future communist order, but to say of atheism, they were not its advanced ‘masters’ but merely echoed a trend that was already dominant during their own time. They were not saying anything new about atheism in fact, they were merely broadcasting what was already THE TREND of the time, a trend that ensued till the 20th century.

Second, Marx and Engels concocted a supreme lie about a future communist order that was classless, reinforced by a further lie that the working classes will dominate society in a socialist order that will precede communist society. Surely, there is a plan of the global elites to constitute a utopian socialist order but which they will orchestrate from behind, not that which will be led by workingmen. And the same elites orchestrated the founding and funding of ideological movements from left to right, including Marx-Engels’ League of the Just. A workingmen-dominated society is one of anarchy and disorder, as what happened during Mao Zedong’s 10-year ‘cultural revolution’ that saw civil society destroy the state as working peoples reduced intellectuals and competent state technicians to mere slaves in farmlands.

Third, the lie that the ‘state will wither away’ in the future. We are now witness to state formations getting bigger by the decade, even as the global elites are planning to install a planetary government as a regulatory institution in support of their ‘world rule of law’. A stateless formation for societies that are so complex is near to impossible, and are only possible in small, planter-based, subsistence economies such as those of indigenous peoples’.

It only takes three (3) basic lies to establish where Marx and Engels are located in the stream of spiritual spectrum. That they are in fact seekers of the Dark Path, are involved with covert fraternities of the Dark Side, and receive mentoring from Adepts of the Dark Lodge. Marxist theory is therefore a paradigm that constitutes a part of the broad agenda of the Dark Adepts to waken up dormant folkgeist of masses for a future ‘new world order’ governed by them.

Around the early part of this decade did I encounter information that led straight to authenticating my suspicion. One such material is the book Committee of 300 (Conspirator’s Hierarchy) by John Coleman, a former MI6 agent and insider of the evil hierarchy that rules the physical plane today. The information given showed how Marx and Engels were directly handled by Mazzini, the Italian revolutionary who was himself an Illuminate (Luficeran initiate). Accordingly, the League of the Just was simply doing its mandated task for the Luciferans’ agenda of world domination.

That established, I declared the Marx-Engels case as ‘case closed’. They are of the Dark Path, and no matter what contributions they may have made to science (sociology), they are cadres of the Polarity Game of Lucifer and were consciously committed to winning points for that game. Whether indeed the Luciferans are winning today is another question, a query that I’ve already answered in some other articles.

[Writ 04 August 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]

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