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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Gracious year to everyone!

I thought all the while that January, the starting month of the year, would prove to be another dull month as in previous years. Coming straight from out of plurality of merriments, hardly anybody expects any eventful thing that could happen in this month.

Quite unexpectedly, this opening month of the year made me suddenly experience the presence of a shaman-guru, whom I shall call Guru A.K. A Singaporean national, I met him “by chance” through the invitation of a fraternity sister, DeaTabs, who’s a freelance creative artist specializing for the advertising & marketing niches. It was in Sis Dea’s corporate client, which I will dub Corp EM, where I met this fantastic shaman.

In my life as a mystic, I hardly had any moment of mentoring by physical gurus. As I’ve revealed in my previous writings, my mentoring was done directly by a mahatma, Ascended Master EMK, who is located in his office in a higher dimension. He guided me through my sojourn, pointed to me books and materials to read, led me to experts who can teach yoga, and lectured me occasionally with the company of fellow seekers and mystics in his ‘higher dimension’ office.

It was only in 1994 when I first met a guru, who was a powerful shaman-wizard. Not only can he heal, he likewise neutralizes evil forces via high magic. No one would ever think that he was a guru, for he’s among the country’s top PR experts and is a famed poet (PEN member). At the esoteric Geocafe in Malate (Manila) did my group of would-be mystics meet him, who by September ‘94 processed all of us enthused pathfinders and initiated us into the Great White Lodge (the S. Lodge of this cosmic order).

My team had to participate in an intensive 2-weekend workshop on mysticism, at the end of which came that unexpected moment of Initiation into the cosmic order. Guru F first of all aligned our chakras, after which he brought us forth into the mystical city of S., in the etheric plane, to face the mighty Ancient of Days who blessed us all at that moment. When our subtle bodies returned to Earth, we were declared Adepts of the White Lodge, and were given the good luck well-wishes for each of our respective missions’ conduct.

Please note that by 1989 Bro. Erle Frayne was already a practicing yogi, and by practicing I mean I began to do workshops on yoga meditation combined with tools of self-development and leadership. My own higher intuition was already opening up to the higher dimensions, I could perceive beings such as spiritual masters (whose identities are hard to establish at the moment) and angels, but could hardly perceive, even till these days, those beings of the lower realms. I could only perceive those that vibrate highly, as my frequency moves higher and aligned to the higher realms.

So I never expected at all to meet gurus right inside my own home city (Manila), much more to meet a guru who was Filipino 100%. I thought all the while that gurus were either Indians or Tibetans. I was awefully wrong, and I had to chastise myself for the stereotyping of gurus and for belittling the capabilities of Filipino mystics to rise to guruhood.

But there he was, the Guru F, coming at a most auspicious time. His chief task was to initiate us advanced seekers and help us move on into the Mystic stage of our spiritual journey. …And for the 2nd time around, I again met a guru, the Guru AK, who helped me immeasurably in moving towards the last phase of my Mystic stage: that of becoming a full-fledged Teacher of the Higher Mysteries.

Before I met AK, I had visions, from 1999 onwards, of scrolls being opened up to me from Higher Space. I was puzzled and stunned at the incomprehensible language of the scrolls, which surely were very ancient. They looked like hieroglyphics combined with runes, archetypes, and mathematical symbols. I narrated this experience to a lady shaman (a lawyer by profession) in 2000, and all she could say was only I can know the meaning behind the visions.

Not only scrolls but also books, thick books like those published in the ancient days. The pages would open right before my eyes, like some unseen hands were guiding the books’ pages to my focals. But it was a zero interpretation for me, the vision was incomprehensible. All I could say was the visions were messages. Someday another evolved being would come who could explain the visions to me.

And then He came, on the 7th of January 2008. A self-development consultant by profession, he had integrated esoteric and mystical lessons into corporate ‘best practices’ of self-development. I was amazed at how he and his team of mystics were able to do the fusion. As my Sis was talking to his boss, who was also a spiritual seeker (already in his genius stage of awakening), I found the opportunity to talk to AK who invited me for a chat in another section of the corporate office.

It was there where he probed me deeply, using his higher faculties. His deep scanning made him determine where I was in the Path. I could see his eyes amazed at the glow in my crown chakra, and he knew where I was situated. He likewise knew that there were some obstacles to my mission, to my becoming a full-fledged teacher.
He asked me if I knew of the presence of masters in my life, to which I replied that yes, there is a mahatma serving as my ‘primary adviser’ (like unto graduate school).
As adviser, the mahatma would assign to me teachers in every phase of the journey.
Sometimes I would see myself, both in the dream world and while awake, being in the company of fellow mystics procuring lessons from a master. I also knew that there were two teachers (masters) who were recently assigned to me, and who may be waiting for the opportune moment to give me the go signal for the next phase of my journey.

AK then asked whether I knew of a master named J, to which I said I don’t have the means to get the names of the masters. He then revealed to me that, positively, one such teacher is Master J, while the other divine being is a Seraph. I could easily see that my ‘adviser’ mahatma EMK assigned the master J to me, while the Archangel M, who guarded me from infancy till age 36, assigned the Seraph as both a teacher and guardian. I was so elated at the news, which confirms many of my visions of a mighty, huge angel who has always been there for me. I never thought that the Seraph was also among my two teachers. Of course, I’ve also perceived Master J in my meditation and dream visions many times already.

After the preliminary probe, AK then proceeded to probe through my past lives. Perhaps to his own shock, he found out about my misuse of spiritual energies in the past: in Africa, Assyria, and India. Those past issues are the stumbling blocks for me to move on to my future mission. They also partly explain why it’s getting hard for me to marry in this lifetime. AK then assisted me to un-baggage myself of those issues. After the un-baggaging sessions, my kundalini (base chakra) rose effortlessly beyond my crown chakra. It felt so cool, unlike before where the rising of the kundalini brought out heat that had to be vented out.

Lo and behold! The Master J than descended before us (though I can’t see him). AK then told me that the Master was there standing before me, that he held a gift for me. I then accepted the gift, thanked the Master J for all his magnanimous and untiring care, and then planted the gift in one of my chakras (in a spot within, which I won’t reveal). Master J then encouraged me to move on to my mission in full swing, as I am now ready for this next phase of my mission.

I was practically bubbling with energy and euphoria within me, and I was struggling to contain the excitement and delight. I haven’t even meditated, and I was already drunk with the nectar of God. It finally dawned on me that this was the vision of the scroll all along: the scroll signifying ancient lessons or spiritual information that I will someday need for my missions. Gradually will the information waken up in me, as the Master J had already given the signal for the opening up to happen.

All the more am I emboldened to conduct my mission without fear of the consequences or threats to my life. With no less than a Seraph guarding me, what fear should I ever entertain along the way? Even if I have to directly battle against Dark Ones in the succeeding years, I fear not. And I am very certain that a Master of the Dark Side watches in some other space-time continuum, ready to waylay me whenever chances open up for him. Maybe one day I shall come face to face with this master himself, and I shall not have an iota of fear to strike him down myself if necessary.

But striking down Fallen Ones isn’t my mission, only a side task whenever necessary. My mission is to bring Light to the seekers and mystics, to aspiring Lightworkers, to let them evolve in the spiritual trajectories. This mission had already begun, but it will expand across time. I am not done yet with my social development missions that I’m still pursuing, so I will have to unveil my teaching mission only gradually through the years.

It is indeed factual that when somebody needs a teacher along the way, the Teacher will come. Not only one, but many teachers, like some professors in graduate school. Some teachers will be the main gurus, while others will facilitate healing, chakra alignment and unblocking, interface with the main teachers, and initiate the aspirant into the cosmic orders. Someday I would expect another facilitator-guru to come, and that would be a Master in the lower plane. Whoever this Master is, s/he must already be aware of my presence and is following up on my development.

So for you fellows out there, expect these things to come to your life too. The first meeting is with your own Inner Guide or ‘guardian angel’. Then, when you’re ready to go to the next phase of the journey, another teacher comes, and so on. And please expect this: the guru is located right within your own backyard as your compatriot. A wonderful experience it is to meet teachers, so I wish you the best of luck in your sojourn.

[Writ 27 January 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]

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