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Erle Frayne Argonza

Pleasant day to everyone!

Natural healing therapies are rising. This is part of the overall wave of new trends, as people become more conscious of their health. Health is both wellness and sickness, and the wellness side is rising faster than the curative. The reason is simple: given scarce resources at hand and the choice is to opt for just one (wellness or sickness?), a person would prefer to invest on wellness than sickness.

Among the natural therapies that respond to the wellness challenge is pranic healing. Its effectiveness depends on the ailment concerned. Being among the topics taken up with my mystical group by our guru facilitator in 1994, I know for a fact that pranic healing’s intervention is in the electromagnetic or EM system of a person. The EM comprises of the aura-etheric-light bodies.

If one gets minor laceration on the skin, which creates a wound as capillaries in the area get opened up, it would be silly to suggest pranic healing on this simple ailment. The bio-physical body received a mere 5-centimeter laceration, which is superficial and not really deep, it will not even require bandage much more for a suture. All this small wound requires is a liquid treatment such as betadine.

However, when the ailment is cancer, or psychological disorder (e.g. depression), pranic healing would be a fitful method of intervention. Psychic attacks (e.g. witchcraft, sorcery, black magic) induce deep wounds in the astral body and must be healed right away, for failure to do so, the energies within will be sucked out in uncontrolled drain, thus inducing other ailments on the body and possibly leading to physical death.

Being a mystic, I was trained to depower psychic attackers (invisible entities, black magicians, sorcerers), and must perform this first before applying pranic healing treatment on a victim. This is the rule here for the healer: never heal the wounds without depowering the victimizer. If folks out there feel that a close relative is under attack, they have to contact a mystic or shaman right away to find out indeed whether such an attack is taking place, rather than go straight to a pranic healer unless the latter is also a shaman or mystic.

Cancer is caused by imbalances in the EM system. I already echoed this in seminars where I was tasked to speak before, facing audiences of health experts. In a pranic healing workshop sponsored by the College of Nursing of the University of the Philippines, where I was guest workshop lecturer, I clarified that cancer begins with EM imbalances, and then impacts on the bio-physical body. Therefore, the best methods of treatment would be EM-intervention methods notably pranic healing. The participants, numbering past 150, were unbelievably open to the new diagnostics, with nary an antipathetic or counter-theory smart aleck at all.

Being no career healer then, I only used pranic healing very occasionally. I often used it for my favorite intervention: psychosocial counseling. When a person (I hate to use the term ‘patient’ that sounds toxic!) faces me with a depression, and the depression is past the 1-month occurrence, s/he is in a ‘danger zone’, and so I first of all administer pranic healing. The purpose is to detoxify the person first, so that we can both connect to each other. Inter-connection is important between healer and client for the intervention to take effect. After applying pranic healing for 10 minutes, the person becomes more relaxed, more focused, and in a better mood to articulate the problem-situation s/he faces.

I still remember a former student at the university, a girl majoring in development studies, in the mid-90s. I heard from her friends that she was already on her 3rd month of on-and-off depression, and that made me so alarmed at her condition. She was now on the breakpoint of a nervous breakdown, and before that would ever happen,
I requested her pals (my fraternity sisters) to get her to me pronto.

She was a phlegmatic personality type and isn’t prone to talking to formal authority figures about her predicaments. But hearing the news from my fraternity sisters that I can do healing (pranic and counsel), she considered this option. Within hours from the urgent call, she came, and we chat in the front gardens of our college building (plants have healing effects).

She then narrated her tragic love life, her on-and-off quarrel and split with her boyfriend. It was the girl who split up all of the time. Finally peeved by the break-up ritual where he was at the losing end, the boyfriend decided to call it quits and then chose to date another girl. Hopeful that he would come back, but seeing the other girl with him, made my client badly depressed. He never came back, and so I had to do some numerology and intuitive analysis to find out whether he will come back.

But before doing the numerology, I administered pranic healing. I simply cannot let her go after that session without detoxification. She felt so relieved after that. And she talked better. The numerology and yogic intuition than made me forecast that the boy won’t come back again, and explained that track. I then encouraged her to simply move on and find another boy from a very large population of boys in Manila anyway.

That counsel session lasted two (2) hours. It was a highly revealing and instructive one. Having taken off the dense energies (I can sense her feel lighter and her aura was clean), she then declared to follow my counsel. Every week since that time, I would follow her progress through her pals (frat sisters), and they did report positively her progress. Two months later she was dating a new guy, her depression fully gone.

For the pranic healers out there, maybe you can put pranic healing on your agenda for method of intervention too. Same goes for psychologists doing clinical and counseling tasks. Pranic healing is very effective a tool for restoring psychic balance, this is assured.

[Writ 15 June 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]

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