Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

Sentiments from Eros’ royal house
Here it lies within my being.
A chasm it shall try to bridge
And warm up your cold heart a-glow.
It will grow, it will merge
From the shadows of the iceberg’s underneath.
It will seek its proper moorings
In your heart it is wont
To nestle; only in your heart or nevermore.

[Writ. 24 July 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila.]


A literary piece serving as testament of longings for my own Twinflame. I have been seeing visions of my Twinflame since age 18 yet, and for decades she provided sublime company in my journey. Until around the early 90s, as a middle aged man and mystic, did I find out that my dearest Beloved had ascended spiritually and is in fact a Christed One.
I felt instant devastation upon knowing that my Twinflame cannot be with me down here, and I had to struggle to overcome the devastation. I had to admit that my reality as a White Robe in the making, was to live a life as single, unmarried man. This narrative I am sharing to the starseeds who are now awakening to their cosmic roots, and are now longing for union with their respective Twinflame.
Upon my spiritual ascension in late 2008 did I finally meet my Twinflame in sublime union. This happened as I entered for the first time the Masters’ World, a majestic world of indescribable beauty that fits into the contours of the fabled Mt Olympus. There I reunited with my Twinflame, and there my Light Body oversoul goes home to Her every now and then, in a home assigned to us the Spiritual Hierarchy.
To endeared Aspirants, it is best to sustain your purification efforts along the way, by not defiling yourselves with partners other than your Twinflame. It pays to be extra patient and courageous, and sustaining inner balance work. Rest assured, sooner or later you too will be reunited with your Twinflame.

March 2011

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