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Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

It’s true the Sun will lay to rest
On the day’s end after his toil
And give way to the nighttime hours
When ravagers despoil amid our slumbers
But sure enough the morning comes
And Sun radiates our Land anew
Each smile he sports enervates our longings
For better times of wealth and wellbeing
He never tires to shed us rays of care
He never retreats without sharing heraldries
Of what our strivings will bring forth
A sturdier and well esteemed commonwealth
He shall ever be there when we need him
A kin indeed our light of liberty
[Writ. 07 October 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]

My poetic lines signify the optimistic side to the sun or Sol. I have always regarded Sol in a very positive light, despite the hours of the day when the sun’s rays could be burning hot. I’ve been experiencing this a long time, being a habitué of the tropics (the Philippines is just a few degrees latitude north of the equator).

The hot hours of the sun are largely the result of Terra’s descent to 3rd dimension. Across the eons, Sol had understandably underwent changes, which could have further exacerbated the searing heat that we feel here on Terra during hot days. When Terra was still 5th dimensional, the atmosphere was filled with mist the whole day, mist that served as canopy for mankind, rendering Sol truly very friendly indeed.
As soon as Terra returns to higher dimension, climate conditions will radically change toward greater stability. Sol will become even friendlier, and we will feel and receive the greatest benefits ever from Him (I’d say Him in honor of Lord Helios who is the Solar Logos), inclusive of widespread use of solar energy for diverse purposes. Perhaps the day-long mist—that can turn to fog at times—will come back, which not only serves as canopy but as source of water for us (our pores will breath again like before, and water can come in through them).
The Lord Helios and His consort Lady Vesta are Ascended Masters of the highest caliber, and are indeed our kins. They have attained Christhood too many eons have passed, and will always be recognized for their very sublime feats for the entire civilization we can dub as Solar Civilization. Meditating on the honorable Logoi and thanking them for their undying care will be most welcome.
March 2011
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