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Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

Sleeping while inner rage brews
Inside one’s cognitive vat does not make
A sleep the fulfillment of a day’s toil.
Not for Juan the unlettered and dispossessed
Whose wretchedness is a correlate of wealth
Amassed by his other brothers whose
Purses and stocks do bulge ad infinitum.
Not for Juan. Reserved inner rage
Sooner unfolds into a thousand nightmares:
Spoiled is the timeless joy of dream’s utopia.
[Writ. 19 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]

Orion domination of Earth since the time of invasion 500,000 years ago yet, had resulted to enormous gaps between rich and poor. The highly asymmetric relationship between upper and lower classes had generated psychosocial disorder conditions in no small measures across time.
The final calcification of the Orion economic system on Terra is the Money Economy, capitalism being the most degenerate form. In contemporary Money Economy, which is classic Orion economics, the gap between rich and poor has been exacerbated all the more. Thus, the stress and resentment experienced across classes has risen rather exponentially, leading to anomie and murderous sociopathy.

Upon the ascent of Terra to higher dimension, the primal-demonic systems imposed by invading Orions of antiquity will cease to exist. The Money Economy had already collapsed and is just being prolonged till 2012, after which it will cease to exist. Likewise will the ‘storm and stress’ of inner rage caused by the asymmetric relations of Orion systems will rapidly decline, and healing will catalyze the harmonic condition of the psyche.
I need not belabor further that ‘Juan’s nightmare’ syndromes will disappear altogether post-2012.

March 2011

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