Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

vermin upon vermin gather in mounds
undistinguished from the morsel
felled by it’s ego’s date with Grim Ripper

25, 50, 100, etc
are found without names in named or unnamed

uncelebrated figures
are puzzles that are delightful to civil
libertarians’ appetites for enigmas

--shadows without tales
or felled bodies do have sagas of pain
or joy unaffected by the Roman slaughter
of holy and unholy souls on Golgotha’s foot
[Writ. 11 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]


Summary executions by vigilantes and police/military agents abound across the planet. I tried to capture this rather gory and cryptic fact via the poem above.

Such narratives of ‘cadavers’ biography’ are testaments of the evil impact of prolonged Orion-Draconian or Saurian cold bloodedness on Terrans. Cold blooded killings are authentic manifestations of cold blooded behavior of reptilians, so the prevalence of cold blooded killings across the planet is a prima facie evidence of the genetic breeding by Orions & Draconians of our primordial Terrans.

We can go further than that, and infer that Orion-Draconian inbreeding of Terrans across the eons has brought forth tendencies towards the primal-demonic, tendencies and manifest occurrences that contributed immensely to the descent of Terra to 3rd dimension level. Since such primal-demonic tendencies are alien to Terra, Gaia will eventually disgorge the same Orions and Draconians from Terra in the aftermath of the 2012 planetary ascension.

Needless to say, narratives of ‘cadavers’ biographies’ of summary executions will cease to exist in the New Earth. It will be a wonderful time for grand celebration as Terra is rid of the unreformed Saurian influences here.


March 2011

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