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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang gabi mula sa Kapatirang ispiritual! Good evening from the spiritual Brotherhood!

In previous articles this Adept peregrinated on Orion’s imperialistic pursuits and its coalition with Draco. The last article was about Orion’s role in enslaving Terra for hundreds of thousands of years as an imperialistic power that must be held accountable for its misdeeds.

After writing that article and resting for the night last night, I felt eerie vibrations characteristic of abomination. Then, my meditation vision flashed scenes of dreary & dry rocky landscapes, with one landscape featuring huge lizards. That abomination ambience characterizes Orion, which confirms my thesis all along that Orion is negatively orientated and must be accountable for its liabilities on Terra and Solaria as a whole. The gigantic lizards were the ancestors of the saurian Orions, and the creatures surely look terrifying.

The arrival of Orions on Terra, Maldek, and Mars in huge masses, supposedly to escape internecine wars by their compatriots, brought the levels of Orions on our planet to its present level: 80% of Terra’s population. Orion Maldekians eventually migrated to Terra after the planet’s catastrophic destruction, while those on Mars moved here after the planet moved up to 4th density (they weren’t fit in such a new environment).

The entry and settlement of Orions on Terra opened up an opportunity for laggard and negative souls in other worlds and star systems. With little inclination for true spiritual pursuits, the laggards and negatives from Orion & other worlds contributed immensely to the further drop in the planet’s frequency vibration to what it is today: 3rd dimension/ density.

Given a very long period to evolve back to the higher spheres, the same souls kept on coming back by repeating the same patterns of sensate and materialistic living, with laggards holding sway to their feeble state of awareness. As a result, 66% or 2/3 of today’s Terrans are very lowly able to engage in intellectual (contemplative) pursuits. Such pursuits, just to note you, are part of the minimum faculties to absorb higher lessons in life and to engage in innovations.

Meantime, approximately 30% of our total population are negatively orientated, or ‘demonic’ in common parlance. The bulk of the same negative souls are Orion-Maldekian-Martian or OMM, approximately 95% of the 30% just to make a rough estimate. The 30% was already a reduction in fact, as the figure could have been 60% during the juncture of Lucifer’s fall and the planetary hierarchy’s siding with him. Many of those lost along the way were able to go back to the Path, no matter how slow it may seem, so a huge half-chunk of the demoniacs were taken off the list, thanks to the works of Buddhas and Christs who were sent forth across hundreds of thousands of years.

The trouble with the Orion Terrans is that they maintained their loyalty to those Powers in the star system they left long ago. Though you may see them professing faith in the Almighty Creator, that devotion is mere lip service. On the unconscious or deeper level, the ‘Powers of lesser light’ are in control over them, disabling them from manifesting independent thought and truly God-oriented decisions at all.

Any contention now that would say our Terran folks are to a great extent being controlled by Draco’s powers is pure trash. That hogwash has little basis, as you can see from the figures above and the sustained relationship between the Orions and their hierarch ‘Powers of lesser light’. Draco will be made accountable for its misdeeds as already articulated in at couples of articles, but likewise should Orion be made accountable for its liabilities in this planet.

Not even the successful ascent of many Orions to their respective Path would be sufficient to pull up their ex-compatriots from their lamentable state and links with the abominations in their star system. Unless maybe that those former Orions who have ascended to cosmic beings will volunteer to perform Messiah roles for their ex-compatriots maybe, and this is a welcome move to say the least.

“What you saw shall ye reap!” says the universal law of action & reaction. The persistent, stubborn suasion of the large mass of Orion Terrans to the folkmind and/or negative ‘path’ will reap what those rambunctious efforts have sowed: those responsible will be shipped out to planets that befit their level of awareness.

Come post-2012 New Earth, only 20% of Terrans will ascend to 4th dimension (see forecasts @http://www.salrachele.com). This is already a huge number in fact. Of that 1.4 Billion souls in the surface, around 4/5 originated from star systems other than Orion. Any seeker advancing to the mystical/yogic awareness level can go ahead and make a check on the statistics from the Akashic records in case they are permitted to inquire from the higher spheres.

The Orion Terrans who will make it to 4th dimension will, hopefully, keep up to their faith in the Almighty, a true faith complemented by genuine service-for-others and not manipulative-egotistical-to-maniacal subtle domination and control of others. They are always welcome to the New Earth, even as their own astral-etheric connect to their old gods shall have been disjointed by that time.

[Philippines, 12 October 2010]


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