Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Goodwill and good evening from this Adept of the spiritual Brotherhood! From the Philippines’ suburban boondocks I extend to you the warm glow of my Light Body, kumusta!

As world music pieces play, let me share another note about the Orion liabilities on Earth. To do this task, I will showcase my own beloved Philippines to indicate to you what corrupt Orion power can do when allowed to govern with only negligible challenge from detractors.

So beloved is the Philippines as it was in this country that I experienced spiritual ascension to Rishi-Adept level, and I will forever cherish the memory of my last 3rd dimensional life as a Filipino. It was truly a blessed and privileged experience to embody, grow, and mature here, thanks to the Almighty Providence. RP is Inang Bayan or Land of the Mother and no less, and I feel Divine Mother’s presence here everyday in my life.

As elaborated in earlier articles, the Philippines or RP is the only country in the planet that retains its 4th dimensional frequency. RP is the seat of the planetary chi, the site of the hyperspace portal, and is characteristically the ‘womb of the Mother’. RP is the nexus of the Maharloka or Great Land of Lemurian fame, the parent of great civilizations or ‘high cultures’.

Orion souls’ coming to this country in post-glacial epoch, perhaps beginning with the era of the sublime Majapahit Empire, destroyed the pristine and wealthy ‘scion of the Mother’. Orion power first of all was responsible for fragmenting the great Majapahit Empire—a confederation of kingdoms governed at the start by wise and noble princes and kings.

Majapahit’s fragmentation was conclusively fomented by troublesome Orion souls embodied as princes and nobles and the equally troublesome masses around the 1400s. The fragmentation, manifested as internecine wars among the Emperor’s own princely scions, was a factor itself that made it easier for European powers to invade and occupy the southeast Asian domains as pieces of estates for their plunder and looting.

Now, let’s fast forward to the post-colonial times after independence was granted by the USA in 1946. A vastly Orion population (by star origin) was already embedded in all of the islands, led likewise by landlord-capitalist plutocrats who were of Orion origin. The only variation in leaderships is when politicians of Draconian (reptoid or reptiloid) roots would rise meteorically and take on juicy posts in all branches of state most especially the presidency.

My estimate is that, from 1946 through the present, RP’s population has steadily been 90% Orion. In contrast, those coming from other star systems comprise negligible fractions. Contrast too RP’s 90% Orion figure with the Terran global average of 80% Orion roots. You can go ahead and be at liberty to visualize what a megalithic Orion presence could do to this noble country and people of Lemuro-Malay roots.

With plutocrats in power, who represented distinctly patrimonial interests that used state power to further enrich and empower themselves, there was manifest lip service to social equity goals. This was the pattern since imperial powers left RP, a pattern that resulted to today’s pathetic state of Filipinos 33% of whom live in abject poverty. As much as 20% live hunger in their daily lives as a compounding fact.

RP had already graduated to a middle income country status, with GDP per capita of U.S. $2000 (nominal value). This year alone, RP’s Gross National Product or GNP will breach the $200 Billion mark (nominal value). Using 4 as multiplier to $200 Billion yields a GNP figure of U.S. $800 Billion in purchasing power parity or PPP, which clearly makes the country an enviable emerging market. Yet amid such rising bounty living for RP, 33% or 31,000,000 live in abject poverty!

The regime of Gloria Arroyo, an Orion who also embodied lives in Mars, was classic plutocracy that was almost totally oblivious of the widespread poverty around. Having a life before as a male Assyrian emperor and embodied in this era as an economics professor with a PhD as credential, Arroyo surely has got what it takes to govern the islands and steer it off away from poor country to a middle income emerging market that is at the threshold of a 1st world economy.

Indeed, Arroyo’s policy initiatives were partly responsible for raising RP above the hovels, as the economy doubled during her 9-year presidency. Yet during her incumbency, backstopped as she was by a combined force of Orions and Draconians in her technocratic & political team, poverty widened from 28% in 2001 (1st year of her presidency) to 33% in 2010.

Meanwhile, the 90% Orion Filipinos who comprise the bulwark of evolutionary laggards and demoniacs in the country (trace the star roots of the criminals & negative persons here and you’d see what I mean), just couldn’t grasp the greatest opportunity offered to them: a country of 4th dimensional frequency with enormous powers to heal, balance, and evolve a damaged psyche fragmented by low density embodiments in other countries and continents. They bungled their chance to evolve, by using the same beneficial frequencies for advancing egotistical motives!

To recap, those laggards and demoniacs behaved much like infants who unabashedly exhibited dependency syndrome at all turns of social life. They preferred to be employees rather than entrepreneurs, exhibited low innovativeness and labor productivity, and were the quickest to beg for social welfare largesse from politicians, Big Business and Big Church. Thus, the vicious cycle of poverty has been reinforced, persisting as sociologists call it henceforth: a ‘culture of poverty’ (see Oscar Lewis’ works).

2012 now nears, and here is RP with a pathetic poverty situation that remains unchecked, unmitigated, and still climbing as of this writing. The situation is ample reason for more Filipinos to migrate overseas as expatriate workers to be able to pull up their respective families from want and hunger (9 Million Filipinos are deployed overseas for diverse work capacities and/or as permanent out-migrants).

With Orions well entrenched as megalithic stockholders of Philippines Inc., we can only but expect the most dreadful results of corruption, looting, and dependency syndrome from the same flocks of unrepentant souls. What could we expect from RP other than that the nation’s returning karma would yield, post-2012, a very large physical casualty of past 90%, with only less than 8% qualifying for 4th dimensional ascension.

Remember the former strongman Ferdinand Marcos, the former tyrannical pharaoh Ramses who later embodied in, and became dictator of RP? During his reign, remember that RP’s economy spiraled down depression shame, rendering RP as the appalling ‘sick man of Asia’? Well, Marcos was of Martian origin, and Martians were Orions.

Let me now end right here, with the message that you go ahead and do your own research of each country in the planet about what Orions did to them. Good night, and good luck to your Path!

[Philippines, 18 October 2010]


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