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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Good evening from this Adept of the Order of Melchizedek!

In couples of articles did I cover the matter of Draco and the Empire. Towards the end of the discourse, I accounted for the Orion factor in the Empire. I will now move on to the ‘Orion question’.

I sense that among circles of esotericists and self-acclaimed ‘Light Workers’ (do they really spread Light as strong bearers of higher Light?), there is simplistic understanding of the Empire and the ‘fall of Lucifer’ and how they connect to one another. There is an over-emphasis on the role of Draco in the galactic conflicts, thus leaving behind Orion as some largely un-accountable force in the equation.

Draco-bashing has legitimacy to it, it is understandable no doubt. But to over-stress on Draco alone is tantamount to a cover-up. Orion is part of that equation of Empire forces, nay is the primogenitur of the Empire, with its forces probably even more potent than Draco’s in spreading the conflict to other galaxies of our universe as well.

The decay of the sector of our universe, on account of the confluence of the Anti-Universe permeation of it (sector) and the serial wars for domination and attrition by the Draco-Orion Empire, is setting a terribly bad precedent not just for our universe but also for other universes as well. Thus, the need to contain the decay remains as a colossal challenge to the spiritual Hierarchy.

Let us note, first of all, that today’s population of Terra comprises of 80% Orions (see That alone is an indication of the gigantic inroads that the warring Orions made on our planet and that of Maldek and Mars that they came to populate like ants occupying their controlled territories.

To say that Orions came here only by accident—due to their escape from the warring Rigelians and Betelgueseans—is pure crap to me. Rigelians, Betelgueseans, or whatever they may be, Orions they all are. Three (3) planets of Solaria they came to conquer and occupy, transplanted their ceaseless conflicts in them, and destroyed one of them (Maldek).

The Maldekians, upon the demise of the planet, simply migrated en masse to Terra (though more evolved ones did move to other planets of Solaria). Martians who failed to evolve to 4th Density followed suit by moving to Terra en masse. What a feasting on Terra the Orions of Maldek and Mars have been conducting, isn’t it?

To discourse that Orions are merely the enforcers of Draco’s fiats, being canon fodders for the Empire, is equally an untenable hypothesis. Orions came to Solaria as both militarily and technologically equipped, and likewise institutionally very advanced, so in no way will they subordinate themselves to a minority force of Draconians.

Orion is the primary progenitor of the Empire, with large swaths of territories in its hold or influence probably across galaxies. Draco came a bit later than Orion in imperial pursuits, though it too had sizeable territories under its control or influence, strongholds that it used to leverage in a coalition-formation with Orion.

There was a quid pro quo formula that was acceptable to both parties during their negotiations circa 400,000 down to 200,000 Before Present or BP. That formula resulted to a concordat of a strategic nature that recognized which ‘key result areas’ of Empire-building would be primary for Draco and which one would be primary for Orion.

The partnership between Orion and Draco, as already mentioned in other articles, was the core axis of the Empire. All other forces in the lower spheres or ‘densities’ that chose to join the Empire knew all too well where muscle resided: the Draco-Orion ‘axis’. They must all beg before this axis, with the only positive option coming if they have leverages that make them clearly very advantageous in the negotiating table.

Zetans, or saurians of the Zeta stellar group, seems to possess a unity of mindset—being of a total collective mind—that makes them assets in a totalitarian imperial stretch. Thus were they assigned the role of canon fodders as clones, and their services was a short list of tasks that other planetary species couldn’t provide as much. That includes laboring in mines, canon fodders for battles, and worker drones.

The most dreaded of all Orions is no other than the saurian species of slender, tall, grey ones. These species seems to have advanced a bit in the individuation path to mind evolution, and so they were in a rather envious position in the mind games of calculation and strategic forecasting of goal outcomes, thus ensuring their domination of the lower Orions as a whole.

The human-like species of Orion, who are likewise tall in stature but robust in built contrasted to the saurians, holds enormous powers of 5th density abilities. But in the end, as per my intuitive analysis, they succumbed to both the carrots and sticks of their saurian star-mates, though they perform tasks other than those done by Zetans.

Many of such tall human-like Orions are now re-entering Terra via the 4th and 5th densities, and are reconnecting to those whom they left behind here. Their subtle bodies make them appear like faceless ones, in case those seekers out there would wish to imagine their looks. They can however choose to adopt human faces as sort of decoys, if just to be able to relate to their ‘understudies’ or apprentices down here inclusive of those who are in the yogic path.

To say today that Orion’s pursuits here are 101% noble is unacceptable a crap to this Adept. The Orions will need to demonstrate greater compassion, peace-loving and service-for-other behavior for some more time, both the surface Orion Terrans and those robust human-like faceless ones. Never will I buy such a byline, though I do recognize that many Orions have already evolved inclusive of those who made it to masters of wisdom in the Brotherhood.

Orions are very badly indebted to Solaria, their destruction of Maldek still very fresh in our collective memory, and so they must be accountable for their debts. And they will pay up, rest assured.

To make further claims that Michael’s seat is in Orion is to compound Orion hubris, as the Lord Michael is omniscient in the universe being the mandated creator deity of it (universe). Ipso facto, Michael isn’t reducible to a mere planetary being or a star logos nestled in a particular star system. The Terran agents for Orion should better cease to use Lord Michael as a rationalization for their sponsors in Orion.

Planetary Orions are badly accountable for Terra’s descent, even as they continue to sustain their domination over the planet. They will be accountable for their debts, the result of that accounting and payment being the de-linking of Terra to the dark umbilical cord with the same Orions.

Let me now close the article at this juncture. Mabuhay kayo!

[Philippines, 04 October 2010]


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