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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang araw mula kay Ra ng Kapatirang ispiritual! Good day from Ra of the spiritual Brotherhood!

Twilight is rapidly enveloping the sky as I write this piece. I will dedicate this note to the ‘Lucifer question’, with focus on what will happen next to Lucifer’s adeptic Illuminates. Strategically pre-positioned on Terra and other lower dimension planets as Old Hierarchy, twilight is now rapidly coming on the old gods.

There are those pretender Initiates down here on 3rd dimension/3rd density who style themselves as all-powerful fanatics that execute the mad game plan of Lucifer and his minions before his demise. These pretenders are laughing stock of clowns, such as those elites you know by name and face. They are mere decoys for the real Adepts who are the real McCoy.

For this piece, I would prefer to articulate directly on the former Adepts of Light called ‘Illumined Ones’ who are residing from 4th up through 6th densities (let’s all consider these densities as 4th dimension sub-domains). When Lucifer moved over to the Dark side, he dragged along with him an enormous lot of Adepts, from teachers to guardians of the realms, who would be referred to as Illuminates.

As a flashback, Lucifer committed an essential error, as a result of his mystery school established in the physical plane, by prescribing that humans control their passions to be able to ascend back to the higher spheres. It was a tragic backlash of a move, as the repression of passions resulted to fragmentation of souls down 3rd density. Lucifer didn’t admit his mistake at all, much more do basic repentance and atonement.

Michael, on the other hand, performed pretty well upon his descent into the physical plane. He too put up a mystery school, which became the pattern for many yogic schools and practices of the future. For his positive optimizing feat, Michael got the approval of the Fathers (Ancient of Days, Recent of Days, Future of Days) to be mandated someday with the Creator Deity officialdom of our universe (Nebadon as mentioned in the Urantia book).

Incidentally, when those events were happening, war between competing factions of Orions—who were battling for control and domination of Earth and dense planets—saw Michael siding with the peace-loving Betelguese Orions. Already feeling jealous and swimming madly in the delusional hubris of flawlessness, Lucifer quickly made the decision to join the fray and sided with the warlike Rigel Orions. The period could have been around 500,000 down to 200,000 BP, more so towards the tail end, when the celestial forces chose to side in the conflicts.

That fatal decision of Lucifer doomed him forever in the eyes of the spiritual Hierarchy. He dragged along with him many Adepts from various councils of star systems and worlds, most likely including those original ‘Illumined Ones’ from Betelguese (the original Illuminates) who, in the process, were corrupted in time. In the entire sector that was administered by Lucifer, he could have dragged along with him as much as 60% of the Adepts or Elders of Light in the sector.

As reported in the Urantia book, as many as 600+ worlds eventually decided to follow Lucifer in the declaration of cessation from Hierarchy. That estimate, though accurate, presents only a very tiny tip of an iceberg. It was just the core, per my intuition and analysis, as the number of worlds grew to a much larger alliance.

The totality of Orion-Draconian-Zetan worlds and contingents that joined in the ‘war of the worlds’ is very huge, much larger than the original core. Orion happens to be the nexus of the Empire, with Draco and Sirian renegades (egotistical, just to stress, as evolved Sirians were with the Confederation) provided the hard-core military assets of the Empire, while Lucifer’s sector office provided the nexus among the Fallen Guardian-Celestials.

Today, Lucifer’s minions stubbornly consider themselves as the mandated guardians of the realms (guardian = administrator/watcher/combat commander) not only on Earth but across the universe’s sector held by Lucifer. Too huge an entourage of Dark Masters, it will take more than convincing to let them abdicate in favor of a new Hierarchy whose structures are now well in place. Till these days, they don’t recognize the authority of the Almighty Creator, of the Fathers, how much more of Michael.

Attrition will again be the norm of the day as the sweeping moves by Gabriel & Celestial Forces to unseat the corrupted Illuminates will be responded with resistance from very assuming Dark guardians. They refuse to admit that their twilight has come, even as they already know Lucifer’s deprogramming in the 80s yet, Lucifer whose fate the Dark guardians shall likewise experience.

In as much as the synergy of Dark guardians and the physical powers of Orion-Draco Empire is granite-rock built, expect the same Dark guardians to stir up the ‘war of the worlds’ anew. It will be a desperate attempt to recoup lost grounds and maybe to avenge Lucifer’s death (Ahriman’s demise is now coming), by unleashing a hyper-anarchic turbulence across vast sub-sectors of the universe.

The total demise of the old gods, who are now being arrested by Gabriel one after the other, is coming forth. If they reply with war in the heavens, using ‘fallen angels’ and ‘demons’ (grotesque asuras) as war assets, then they shall be met with firepower from a vast array of newly-equipped Celestials. New species of incorruptible Celestials and new firepower armaments were devised for this attrition forthcoming, the exact knowledge of which is inaccessible to the old gods.

Let me end this note by re-echoing the question: where goes Lucifer’s minions from here?

[Philippines, 25 September 2010]


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