Thursday, September 18, 2014


Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

Whenever the day starts I knock
Upon the doors of Life to request extensions
Of my lease to exist. Not that I
Will be merry forever notwithstanding fears
Tensions and anxieties that arise
In my here-and-now; I’m simply unsure
Of what may be up for me. Well, Life
Responded as always—cheerful, lighthearted,
Contagiously optimistic. I’d catch its air
Of glittering hope, daunting spirit,
Its elan of all elan. The I’d say too,
“Life, please do share unto others what you’re
Offered to me.” “Thy will be done” said Life.
Thy will be done. Done will be
Hope’s cremation of every unwanted carcass
Of Obscurity: faith in self regained.
[Writ. 21 October 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]

Hopelessness, alienation, despair are the common affective theme of the day. Such a hopelessness, saps one’s own will-to-ascend, lead to further fragmentation and disorder, nay leave to self-annihilation through drug addiction and suicide. But not all people on Terra today are the harbingers of hopelessness, as many yet are those positive humans who are exemplars of hope, optimism, enlightened will.
I do recall that on the previous year before I wrote the poem, I began to read the 3-volume books of Ernst Bloch titled The Principle of Hope. Though steeped in Marx-Freud perspective, I easily saw the mystical undertones of Bloch’s thought, making him unmistakably a spiritual seeker. Seeking to explicate millenarian movements through the ‘principle of hope’, I found myself resonating easily with his thought constructs. I recommend seekers to read Bloch in fact, as part of the sharpening of tools for social knowledge.
Will hopeless, despair, fragmentation last much longer than it already did (for innumerable eons)? Comes post-2012 scenario, the condition of hope, optimism, psyche integration will become a full-blossomed reality. Light will permeate every interstice of the planet and of social spaces, permeating deep into the psyche (lower self) and soul (higher self), thus ensuring healing, wellness, ecological balance.
With the full return of hope and correlate principles—of will, love, enlightened power—shall galvanize the greater condition or ground for preparing mankind for the next phase in the evolutionary leap. Thus will mankind be brought closer and closer to the Father-Mother across the epochs yet coming.

March 2011

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