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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

With them we may compare the origin-myths of several of the tribes of south-eastern Borneo. One version states that in the beginning there were only the sky and sea, in which swam a great serpent upon whose head was a crown of gold set with a shining stone. From the sky-world the deity threw earth upon the serpent's head, thus building an island in the midst of the sea; and this island became the world. A slightly variant account 22 declares that the deity sent down a messenger or servant to report upon conditions, and that it was this servant who spread the earth on the serpent's head. Still another version from this same region is interesting in that it serves as a transition to those found in Sumatra. Ac-cording to this tale, in the world of the gods there were two trees, one of which bore a bud or sprout in the form of a ball. By the motions of a bird, which sat on this tree, the bud was shaken off and fell into the Spirit River, in which a great serpent dwelt; but though the latter tried to swallow the mysterious object, it escaped him, and drifting to the shore, was metamorphosed into a woman. Marrying a man who was developed from a tree-trunk floating in the sea, she gave birth, first, to six streams of blood from which all evil spirits came; and finally to two sons, one of whom, taking with him the seeds of all plants and animals, was lowered from the sky-world, where all these events occurred, to the earth (of whose origin nothing is said) that he might prepare it for men.
The core narrative articulates on the ‘serpent whose head was a crown of gold’. The serpent has double meaning, though in this myth it reveals the serpentine-like kundalini that begins from the spine and ends in the crown chakra (‘head was a crown of gold’) that is golden an energy center with almost 1000 petals.
The second meaning of ‘serpent’ is the reptilian species that intervened in breeding the early humans. This facet of our evolution could very well be embedded in the Bornean myths.
The ‘throwing of earth’ signifies the descent of the human souls down the earth plane, ‘thus building an island’ as the tale goes. Geologists & physical scientists are of the opinion that there were already two (2) supercontinents that emerged on Earth, the 2nd one being Pangea or ‘land of Pan’. That’s the ‘hyperborean’ as revealed by Divine Wisdom or Theos Sophia, where the etheric/shadowy humans nestled and grew.  
In the Sumatran version, trees preceded human evolution, which is the fact: life evolved first from the mineral (1st Round), then to the vegetative signified by ‘tree’ (2nd Round), then to the animal (3rd Round), till finally came the devic-human evolutionary round of today (4th Round). Two trees preceded humanity, meaning two evolutionary rounds after the vegetative came the devic-man.
The ‘bud or sprout in the form of a ball’ clearly signifies the etheric/shadowy humans of the 1st through the middle of the 3rd ‘root races’ that were asexual in breeding. Interestingly, these races were identified in the Female gender, which means the strength of the Feminine Principle was dominant in the early humans: intuition, creative imagination, astral vision/paranormal.
The woman marrying a man signifies the coming of sexed humans in the mid-Lemurian, and necessarily the splitting of souls into Twinflames who would find each other as mates in the lower domains. …Giving birth to ‘six streams of blood from which all evil came’ signifies the beginnings of the Fall of Man. 6 streams seem to suggest six (6) sub-races or genetic strains when the Fall or descent into the dense spheres came.
Two (2) ‘sons’ coming from the Sky-world signifies the intervention of the creator beings, with summons from the Supreme Being, to aid mankind in stopping the descent. This time, ‘son’ is referent for ‘sonship’, meaning Ascended Beings who may indeed be of ‘two’ batches sent forth by the Supreme Being with approval of the Most Divine Elders or ‘council of 24’.
The two ‘sons’ seem to point to Ancient of Days and Michael, who indeed are the most involved among Hierarchs in salving the Terrans’ fallen predicament. Sanat Kumara brought along 6 other Kumaras to Earth (nestled in Shamballah), while Michael came with 6 other Archangels. Two sons, each with two teams of total 7 Kumaras + 7 Archangels.
[Philippines, 20 June 2011]




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