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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

For this note, let me share to you the notion of eons coming from the East, a notion that is well rooted in Theos Sophia or divine wisdom. Western cultures that tend to be so materialistic have only but feeble notions about the ‘age’ of Kosmos, based on the time-space principles of 3-dimensional sciences and philosophy.

The great cycle of evolution of being (subjectivity) and forms (objectivity), of the conditions for further effectuations of precedent cause, is termed as ‘Maha-Kalpa’ in the East, alternately termed as ‘maha-manvantara’ (I wrote about the subject previously). Whether ‘eternity’ indeed prevails, as understood in the West, is something worth reflecting about, as divine wisdom speaks differently of the flow of sequential events.

Says the Secret Doctrine about the ‘seven eternities’:

(a) By the Seven “Eternities,” æons or periods are meant. The word “Eternity,” as understood in Christian theology, has no meaning to the Asiatic ear, except in its application to the ONE existence; nor is the term sempiternity, the eternal only in futurity, anything better than a misnomer.* Such words do not and cannot exist in philosophical metaphysics, and were unknown till the advent of ecclesiastical Christianity. The Seven Eternities meant are the seven periods, or a period answering in its duration to the seven periods, of a Manvantara, and extending throughout a Maha-Kalpa or the “Great Age”—100 years of Brahmâ—making a total of 311,040,000,000,000 of years; each year of Brahmâ being composed of 360 “days,” and of the same number of “nights” of Brahmâ (reckoning by the Chandrayana or lunar year); and a “Day of Brahmâ” consisting of 4,320,000,000 of mortal years. These “Eternities” belong to the most secret calculations, in which, in order to arrive at the true total, every figure must be 7x (7 to the power of x); x varying according to the nature of the cycle in the subjective or real world; and every figure or number relating to, or representing all the different cycles from the greatest to the smallest—in the objective or unreal world—must necessarily be multiples of seven. The key to this cannot be given, for herein lies the mystery of esoteric calculations, and for the purposes of ordinary calculation it has no sense. “The number seven,” says the Kabala, “is the great number of the Divine Mysteries;” number ten is that of all human knowledge (Pythagorean decade); 1,000 is the number ten to the third power, and therefore the number 7,000 is also symbolical. In the Secret Doctrine the figure and number 4 are the male symbol only on the highest plane of abstraction; on the plane of matter the 3 is the masculine and the 4 the female: the upright and the horizontal in the fourth stage of symbolism, when the symbols became the glyphs of the generative powers on the physical plane. [Secret Doctrine, Vol. I]

Within the skein of time, our civilizations and histories on the physical plane are too infinitesimal when circumscribed within the larger background of the ‘7 eternities’. By releasing the same knowledge to the public at large, the seekers are provided the core knowledge with which to reflect on their own chances of merger with the One Universal Principle in due time.

Our geologists are incidentally knowledgeable about the age of Earth or Terra, which is over 4 billion years old. That contention coincides with the estimates of spiritual masters from the East, an estimate that is based on ancient wisdom passed on as Theos Sophia by the spiritual Hierarchy.

As the mahatmas have explicated, too many souls won’t be able to make it in time during the pralaya phase of our own great cycle. Too many souls will perish by the wayside, dissolved in the process, for souls aren’t exactly imperishable. Only the Monad is imperishable, which when fully activated due to enormous efforts of the Aspirant across the eons, will be re-integrated back to ‘Godhead’ or the One Universal Principle.

[Philippines, 27 October 2011]


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