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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Let us reflect on some key bits of knowledge about Cosmogenesis. The entire Volume I of Secret Doctrine, the body of spiritual knowledge / divine wisdom passed on by the Mahatmas of the Great White Brotherhood unto us, summarized the ‘parent space’ in the following statement:

The “Parent Space” is the eternal, ever present cause of all—the incomprehensible DEITY, whose “invisible robes” are the mystic root of all matter, and of the Universe. Space is the one eternal thing that we can most easily imagine, immovable in its abstraction and uninfluenced by either the presence or absence in it of an objective Universe. It is without dimension, in every sense, and self-existent. Spirit is the first differentiation from THAT, the causeless cause of both Spirit and Matter. It is, as taught in the esoteric catechism, neither limitless void, nor conditioned fullness, but both. It was and ever will be. (See Proem pp. 2 et seq.) Thus, the “Robes” stand for the noumenon of undifferentiated Cosmic Matter. It is not matter as we know it, but the spiritual essence of matter, and is co-eternal and even one with Space in its abstract sense. Root-nature is also the source of the subtile invisible properties in visible matter. It is the Soul, so to say, of the ONE infinite Spirit. The Hindus call it Mulaprakriti, and say that it is the primordial substance, which is the basis of the Upadhi or vehicle of every phenomenon, whether physical, mental or psychic. It is the source from which Ak√Ęsa radiates. [Secret Doctrine, Vol. I]

As divine wisdom says, the only true and sanguine original ‘space’ is no other than the Supreme Deity that we are aware of, yet incomprehensible to our limited, finite mind. It goes under many names. It is the Prima Causa of our ancient metaphysics, Almighty Father of Christianity, the Spirit-Force from which all consequent life-forms came from.

I still recall that famous line in the film series Star Wars: “may the Force be with you.” That is one of the articulations in post-modernity that comes closest to the same Spirit-Force in a non-dimensional ‘space’. Call it the ‘root-space’, it is the source of our being.

[Philippines, 24 October 2011]


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