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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

For a note of clarification about the earlier communicative form for expressing discourse, let it be stressed, a fact which many enthusiasts of letters have known, that poetry was the very popular form. Poetry was thus long perfected, and made as vehicle for embedding recondite knowledge.

Knowledge of spiritual truths was truly ancient, though when the Terrans fell to the lowest density of existence, even prior to and in preparation for the advent of Kali Yuga or Dark Age, it was decided that such wisdom was to be kept secret to the many, made available thus only to the few elect Initiates.

In the Book of Dzyan, for instance, comes an opening statement, writ in recondite yet beautiful verse, as shown below, in its English translation published in Volume I/Cosmogenesis of the Secret Doctrine:

“Nor Aught nor Nought existed; yon bright sky

Was not, nor heaven’s broad roof outstretched above.

What covered all? What sheltered? what concealed?

Was it the water’s fathomless abyss?

There was not death—yet there was nought immortal,

There was no confine betwixt day and night;

The only One breathed breathless by itself,

Other than It there nothing since has been.

Darkness there was, and all at first was veiled

In gloom profound—an ocean without light—

The germ that still lay covered in the husk

Burst forth, one nature, from the fervent heat.

. . . . . . . . . .

Who knows the secret? who proclaimed it here?

Whence, whence this manifold creation sprang?

The Gods themselves came later into being—

Who knows from whence this great creation sprang?

That, whence all this great creation came,

Whether Its will created or was mute,

The Most High Seer that is in highest heaven,

He knows it—or perchance even He knows not.”

“Gazing into eternity . . .

Ere the foundations of the earth were laid,

. . . . .

Thou wert. And when the subterranean flame

Shall burst its prison and devour the frame

Thou shalt be still as Thou wert before

And knew no change, when time shall be no more.

Oh! endless thought, divine ETERNITY.”

One can see from the verse, for instance, that the deep void preceded even the deities that we know today. Such a truth is not easily acceptable by religious circles and persons, as their exoteric foundation has disabled them from penetrating the veils that blur higher truth and barred access to wisdom.

Yet such a cogitation came forth from the higher mind (manas), intellect (buddhi), and atma (oversoul) of the masters of the wisdom, the ascended beings who comprise the Great White Brotherhood. Those wise men and women of ages long forgotten and buried in the sands of history left the legacy of divine wisdom or Theos Sophia in secret documents, passed them on to their chelas, and re-embodied again and again to bring the wisdom to humanity and the practical aspects of divine precepts to build new worlds and civilizations.

Such wise men and women are also the profoundest of poets, have led artistic revolutions even when conditions didn’t allow them (e.g. Inquisition, Medieval Europe, tyrannies in Asia & Meso-America). Master El Morya was the Irish Renaissance poet laureate Thomas Moore prior to his embodiment as El Morya Khan, just to site an instance. Master Kuthumi was once the most ennobled monk Francis Assissi, who was also poet and philosopher, long before he embodied as Kooth Hoomi Lal Singh, Tibetan Brother of Light (he was also Shah Jehan, great emperor & builder of Taj Mahal).

[Philippines, 13 November 2011]



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