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In my previous writings, I did elaborate on a series of articles about the Dark Masters and their Brotherhood, the Dark or Black Brotherhood. They constitute huge networks of puppets and accomplices down on the surface of our planet, their leaders comprising Adepts of evil called the Illuminates.

In this note, I will supplement those notes by citing what Theos Sophia or divine wisdom said about them. Too many words said as a matter of fact. From the beginnings of the release of divine wisdom to the open public (see mahatmas’ letters) to the writing and release of the Secret Doctrine, the magnum opus on the wisdom, so many discourses on the Dark Chohans and the dugpas were elucidated.

Down on the surface of Terra are many dugpas, the Brothers of the Shadow. Uncommitted to the conduct and practice of spiritual precepts, they are abominations down here who totally dictate terms and directives to their chelas or apprentices. They thrive through total control and manipulation of their subjects, like a mesmerizer hypnotizes subjects.

In the current context particularly, when the networks of the Black Brotherhood have on the agenda the New Age practices as religion in place of the old ones (fundamentalism), the notion of ‘evil is cool’ has become endemic and popular. Wicca, sorcery, spiritism/channeling, related forms, are on the ascent, all made to rise as the enabling measures of the dugpas are now prevalent.

Below is an excerpt from Helena P. Blavatsky’s Key to Theosophy regarding the subject.

ENQUIRER. This is very interesting. Tell me, have the Adepts thus inspired or dictated to many of your Theosophists?

THEOSOPHIST. No, on the contrary, to very few. Such operations require special conditions. An unscrupulous but skilled Adept of the Black Brotherhood ("Brothers of the Shadow," and Dugpas, we call them) has far less difficulties to labour under. For, having no laws of the Spiritual kind to trammel his actions, such a Dugpa "sorcerer" will most unceremoniously obtain control over any mind, and subject it entirely to his evil powers. But our Masters will never do that. They have no right, except by falling into Black Magic, to obtain full mastery over anyone's immortal Ego, and can therefore act only on the physical and psychic nature of the subject, leaving thereby the free will of the latter wholly undisturbed. Hence, unless a person has been brought into psychic relationship with the Masters, and is assisted by virtue of his full faith in, and devotion to, his Teachers, the latter, whenever transmitting their thoughts to one with whom these conditions are not fulfilled, experience great difficulties in penetrating into the cloudy chaos of that person's sphere. But this is no place to treat of a subject of this nature. Suffice it to say, that if the power exists, then there are Intelligences (embodied or disembodied) which guide this power, and living conscious instruments through whom it is transmitted and by whom it is received. We have only to beware of black magic.

ENQUIRER. But what do you really mean by "black magic"?

THEOSOPHIST. Simply abuse of psychic powers, or of any secret of nature; the fact of applying to selfish and sinful ends the powers of Occultism. A hypnotiser, who, taking advantage of his powers of "suggestion," forces a subject to steal or murder, would be called a black magician by us. The famous "rejuvenating system" of Dr. Brown-Sequard, of Paris, through a loathsome animal injection into human blood -- a discovery all the medical papers of Europe are now discussing -- if true, is unconscious black magic.

ENQUIRER. But this is mediaeval belief in witchcraft and sorcery! Even Law itself has ceased to believe in such things?

THEOSOPHIST. So much the worse for law, as it has been led, through such a lack of discrimination, into committing more than one judiciary mistake and crime. It is the term alone that frightens you with its "superstitious" ring in it. Would not law punish an abuse of hypnotic powers, as I just mentioned? Nay, it has so punished it already in France and Germany; yet it would indignantly deny that it applied punishment to a crime of evident sorcery. You cannot believe in the efficacy and reality of the powers of suggestion by physicians and mesmerisers (or hypnotisers), and then refuse to believe in the same powers when used for evil motives. And if you do, then you believe in Sorcery. You cannot believe in good and disbelieve in evil, accept genuine money and refuse to credit such a thing as false coin. Nothing can exist without its contrast, and no day, no light, no good could have any representation as such in your consciousness, were there no night, darkness nor evil to offset and contrast them.

ENQUIRER. Indeed, I have known men, who, while thoroughly believing in that which you call great psychic, or magic powers, laughed at the very mention of Witchcraft and Sorcery.

THEOSOPHIST. What does it prove? Simply that they are illogical. So much the worse for them, again. And we, knowing as we do of the existence of good and holy Adepts, believe as thoroughly in the existence of bad and unholy Adepts, or -- Dugpas.

[Philippines, 14 August 2011]


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