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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Felicitious greetings from this Fellow of the spiritual Brotherhood!

I already dealt with the subject of Dark Masters or Fallen Masters in a series of articles. I will supplement those articles in this note, by focusing on what Theos Sophia or divine wisdom has to say about them.

In the Mahatmas Letters to A.Sinnett, the Mahatma Kooth Hoomi or KH elucidated lengthily on the Dhyan Chohans—the Planetary Spirits. As one ought to know, evolving into a Dhyan Chohan ensures the evolute that s/he will be retained identity-wise after the phase of our great cycle of lifewave of manvantara. [Note: Mahatma KH was still in physical embodiment when he interfaced with A. Sinett, HP Blavatsky, and related chelas. He had already evolved to a Chohan since after his full ascension.]

In some notes though, the Mahatma KH cannot avoid to discuss the subject of Dark Chohans. He did articulate about the existence of these evil masters, with the notable emphasis that they are the ‘gods of the pralaya’. They occupy certain sectors of the cosmos, and they are truly the epitome of ‘absolute evil’. A Dark Chohan it is that is worshipped as god by the Christians, Moslems, Jews as per elucidation by the mahatma.

Provided that the Dark Chohans do not interfere in the activities of the Brothers of Light (who are Masters of Light), the latter will not interfere in their activities too. I did my own assessment of their deeds, reviewed their engagements since antiquity—including the conduct of the ‘war in the heavens’—and I am convinced that evidences have been accumulating to infer that such evil beings have in fact been interfering in the conduct of affairs of the Brotherhood in the material dimensions such as Earth.

‘Gods of the pralaya’ contains a double meaning to it. One is that these abominations go about disrupting, destroying, dissolving those fine works of the Divine Beings. Another meaning is that on the pralaya phase of the Day & Night of Brahma, the abominations will be resorting to every sort of destructive activity, and suck out the Light from those lower evolutes (humans, nature spirits) as a desperate attempt to exist.

As an update, during this brief period prior to the planetary ascension, the contingency measure is being implemented on Earth to clear up the electromagnetic belt of evil masters by arresting as many as can be arrested. It is already ongoing. The ‘final solution’ for some of them is their disintegration in the ‘lake of fire’ as what befell Lucifer in the late 1980s.

It is hoped that the selective destruction of their key leaders will make the Dark Chohans tow the line and cease from interfering in the works of the Brothers of Light. Maybe they can do that for some time after 2012, but no one can ever trust abominations of any kind to lock up their destructive propensities forever in the labyrinths of oblivion.

At any rate, during the pralaya phase of the Day & Night of Brahma, they themselves cannot survive the destruction coming upon those who failed to evolve based on following the highest spiritual precepts. They and their minions on the human and devic/elemental spheres will go the same route of destruction.

[Philippines, 06 August 2011]


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