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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Good day from this Brother in the spiritual Brotherhood/Great White Lodge!

I have already discussed the matter of cosmic laws in many of my writings. In the metaphysical, integrated spiritual-material facet of life, the said laws are also known as the metaphysical laws. Let me share more notes about the matter, then discuss each of the identifiable cosmic laws released by the mahatmas of the Brotherhood.

Laws are of paramount importance in describing and explaining reality and/or phenomena. They operate at different levels—in both the objective and subjective realms of life. A third domain known to social scientists is the intersubjective domain: the realm of shared subjectivies.

From the most macrocosmic down to the minutest microcosmic realms, the cosmic laws are in operation. Those that were discovered by the scientists—behavioral/social, physical, biological, medical scientists—are largely referred to as ‘universal laws’. That scientists and epistemologists were able to intuit on and establish proof of the operation of such laws is evidence enough of the operation of a more transcendental sets of laws called ‘cosmic laws’.

What the mahatmas were contending was that knowledge of the spiritual realms can be apperceived and explicated largely through cosmic laws, or thru those broad patterns that govern phenomena. Such patterns facilitate the explication of the chains of cause and effect from the macrocosmic to the microcosmic realms.

Echoing a contention that parallels Immanuel Kant’s, the mahatmas cogitated that we can only know the ultimate reality through its expression as phenomena. As to the ultimate cause, the ultimate reality, the prima causa, the noumenon, we admit from a humble position our limitation of knowing—from perceiving through conceptualization through explication and consequential practice.

In a much previous, archaic expression, the Master-Adept Plato declared that knowledge corresponds to the real while absence of knowledge is to the unreal. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were all high-caliber Master-Adepts who were knowledgeable first hand about the cosmic laws but were inhibited from revealing them to the open public as part of the spiritual Hierarchy’s proscriptions, so they only revealed high knowledge of the laws through subdued and coded discourses.

The great masters/mahavatars Rama, Sri Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Jesus Christ (including Paul/Saul), and onwards to the great masters of the 19th century knew and mastered the cosmic laws. And they taught such laws to their own disciples who were their direct Initiates and bearers of the Torch of liberation. But they all kept mum about the laws to the public, as the time hasn’t come yet for the laws’ revelation.

As the Kali Yuga or Dark Age of our present grand cycle (of nearly 26,000 years) is ending, and as the mental & causal bodies of contemporary Terrans have immeasurably mutated, it was decided by the spiritual Hierarchy to release Theos Sophia or divine wisdom to the open public. Cosmic laws are at the core of divine wisdom, so the same laws that were then taught only to the elect Initiates must now be opened up to the broad population.

As mental & causal bodies mutate, the capacity for absorption, processing, and ideation had also risen among the Terrans. The laws were thus first introduced via scientist & epistemologist embodiments of ascended masters, e.g. Roger Bacon, Francis Bacon, Newton, Copernicus, Galileo. The grounds were thus prepared for the more expansive release of the cosmic laws, so by the late 19th century the comprehensive set of laws were finally released.

Modern man (root word manu or thinking being) has become accustomed to reflecting on ‘universal laws’ by the 19th century, so the context was ripe for releasing the broader set of cosmic laws. Universal laws were to find manifestations as physical laws, chemical laws, biological laws, social/behavioral laws, and found practical manifestations as know-how (technology).

Then came the mahatmas such as Mahatma Kooth Hoomi whom the Hierarchy ensured to be university bred in order to get accustomed to the systems and languages of discourse. Nestled high in the Himalayas, the mahatmas thus found the milieu most conducive for consolidating the divine wisdom permissible for release, and where they had discussed and passed on the wisdom to their chelas.

[Philippines, 07 September 2011]


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