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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Let us continue with the reflections on Theos Sophia or divine wisdom, with focus in this note on the source of the human soul. Popular belief holds the reductionist contention that “all souls came from God.” So we may as well begin our thoughts there, for the sake of simplification.

The process of the emergence of souls—of ensoulment—is complex and very tedious. Going by the laws appurtenant to cosmic evolution or cosmogenesis, the first sparks of the One Universal Principle could be conceived as those divine beings on the 7th plane, nearest to the Godhead, who were pure monad. Then consequently the monadic beings emanated or projected their essences unto the next plane, the 6th plane, thus resulting to ‘oversouls’ (buddhi and Christos are equivalent terms)

The next level of evolutes would be conceived of as group-souls emanating or projected from the higher-order oversouls, thus resulting to collective souls at the 5th plane. It is such souls that were planned at the beginning of history in our manvantara or ‘cycle of lifewave’ to embody down further in the lower dimensions or planes, as the evolutionary law says: to be able to evolve, one must devolve.

Let us note the simplification made by HP Blavatsky on the subject, as the following notes were culled from her book The Key to Theosophy.


ENQUIRER. How, then, do you account for man being endowed with a Spirit and Soul? Whence these?

THEOSOPHIST. From the Universal Soul. Certainly not bestowed by a personal God. Whence the moist element in the jelly-fish? From the Ocean which surrounds it, in which it lives and breathes and has its being, and whither it returns when dissolved.

ENQUIRER. So you reject the teaching that Soul is given, or breathed into man, by God?

THEOSOPHIST. We are obliged to. The "Soul" spoken of in ch. ii. of Genesis (v. 7) is, as therein stated, the "living Soul" or Nephesh (the vital, animal soul) with which God (we say "nature" and immutable law) endows man like every animal. Is not at all the thinking soul or mind; least of all is it the immortal Spirit.

ENQUIRER. Well, let us put it otherwise: is it God who endows man with a human rational Soul and immortal Spirit?

THEOSOPHIST. Again, in the way you put the question, we must object to it. Since we believe in no personal God, how can we believe that he endows man with anything? But granting, for the sake of argument, a God who takes upon himself the risk of creating a new Soul for every new-born baby, all that can be said is that such a God can hardly be regarded as himself endowed with any wisdom or prevision. Certain other difficulties and the impossibility of reconciling this with the claims made for the mercy, justice, equity and omniscience of that God, are so many deadly reefs on which this theological dogma is daily and hourly broken.

[Philippines, 27 May 2011]


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