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Theos Sophia or divine wisdom was very succinct in the identification and characterization of seven (7) planes in all. Planes are dimensions of reality (‘ontological domains’ in metaphysics), and the number 7 in the totality of dimensions was a galvanization of the Septenary Law as applied to the planes of reality.

The process of manifestation of the 7 dimensions—of their coming to being—was well explicated in the Cosmogenesis portion of HPBlavatsky’s 2-volume Secret Doctrine. A very tedious, recondite genesis of the cosmos, it began with the appearance of the 7th plane as the plane nearest to the One Universal Principle. Then the 6th plane followed, then the 5th plane.

The 7th, 6th, and 5th Planes comprise the three (3) highest dimensions. They are the three (3) spiritual planes of reality. The 7th Plane roughly is the abode of the deities; the 6th, abode of the ascended masters or Christed Ones; and, the 5th, plane of the liberated souls and ‘masters of wisdom’. Following from the Septenary Law, each of these dimensions have subplanes or ‘sub-dimensions’, whose specific properties aren’t available for dissemination to humanity.

The out-breath of the One Universal Principle didn’t stop there, as it went onwards till the 4th plane, the highest of the material planes, galvanized. Then the 3rd plane followed, then the 2nd plane, until the 1st plane galvanized.

The 4th plane or dimension is called the ‘higher mental’ or ‘causal’, and is a plane of the formless or arupa. This is where the element of fire is operative, and where akasha emanates from. The akashic records are located here. This plane comprises of three (3) subdimensions or subplanes.

The 3rd plane or dimension is properly the mental plane, and where the planes of forms or rupa begin. It is also known as the ‘lower mental’, and is governed by the air element. It has four (4) subplanes, which when combined with the three (3) subplanes of the 4th plane comprises a total of 7 subplanes of the Devachan or heaven-worlds. Exoteric groups refer to them as the ‘seven heavens’.

The 2nd dimension is the astral plane. Also called the ‘plane of illusion’, it is governed by the water element. It has 7 subplanes in all. Its lowest subplane is known as kama loka—the Hell-worlds—which has many regions as Mahatma Kooth Hoomi explained (see Mahatma Letters to A.Sinett). The astral plane is where we go when our physical body sleeps, thus giving it the name of ‘plane of dreams’. It is where the soul goes when the physical body dies, the soul and consciousness thus transferred to the more subtle bodies.

The 1st dimension is the one we’re residing in as biophysical entities. The densest of dimensions, it has seven (7) corresponding sub-dimensions: solid, liquid, gas, plasma (ether 1), ether 2, ether 3, and ether 4. The ‘etheric plane’ is a congealment of the etheric facets, and looks like a copycat of the biophysical plane. Our body that corresponds to it is the etheric double or doppelganger which looks exactly like us.

As explicated by the mahatmas, the 7 planes or dimensions replaces the older notions of 12 dimensions (13th supposedly is God). There are today the efforts to reiterate the older systems that were already rectified and discarded. There is even that supposed system of 68 dimensions, which is as convoluted a thought as one can get as it was channeled by astral beings (pretending to be masters or alien commanders) since the proper characterization of the dimensions weren’t presented.

As the mahamanvantara or great round of existence ends, it is easy to see that the lower dimensions would collapse back to their cause or predecessor plane. Until the in-breath of the Almighty Providence is concluded, when all activities would cease in the ‘night of Brahma’.

Now, as to the Unmanifest facet of the One Universal Principle, of the cause of all causes, a reality that is simply beyond the knowledge nor comprehension of us entities of the lower worlds or dimensions. One thing is very sure: the One Universal Principle doesn’t sleep at all. The cause of all causes or prima causa doesn’t sleep.

[Philippines, 25 May 2011]


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