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Deities have befuddled many a devotee across eons. Myths—folk narratives about gods & goddesses—have accumulated across the epochs after the end of the last Glacial Period, which, as studied by anthropologists and folklorists, render deities as a shared phenomenon cutting across all cultures. To be redundant a bit, deities are cross-cultural entities that comprise the cosmogonies of diverse ethnolinguistic groups.

Legends, another set of folk narratives, articulate heroes whose very lives are intertwined with deities’: the latter have created the former to perform special great mission ahead. Myths & legends go together, and are present in all cultures as studied by experts.

I remember those early years of mine as a Christian devotee, when I practically denied the existence of deities save for the Father. After my own studies on folklore and Theos Sophia or divine wisdom that began in college years yet, I was truly clarified about the existence of deities. They do exist, and on Earth alone we have with us Lord Sanat Kumara and three (3) other planetary logoi or kumaras assisting him.

Deity comes from the root word Deus (Latin/Roman) or god. Deus in turn came from the ancient Aryan (Sanskrit) term Dyaus-Pitar or sky-fathers. Jupiter (Latin) is the fusion of the same term Dyaus-Pitar. Theos or divine is synonymous with Deus.

As to their origin, deities were the products of soul evolution processes preceding our present Maha-Kalpa or great cycle of lifewave. Being so highly evolved, their identities were preserved during the previous ‘night of Brahma’ or in-breath of the One Universal Principle. They were re-awakened again during the beginning phase of our present manvantara, and are still evolving spiritually in our own cycle of life.

So vast is Kosmos, so complex a hyper-reality it is, spread out from the highest ‘plane of deities’ down to the lowest physical dimension, that it requires a team of evolved beings to help out in overseeing creation and the operations of the cosmic laws. That is the core rationale for the deities, who were designated their chief tasks as per mandate from the One Universal Principle.

Brahma is deity of the physical universe. He-She overseas cosmogenesis applications in the physical spheres or globes, ensures vehicles of manifestation by collective souls, oversouls, and individual souls across the planes/dimensions, and related tasks.

From the galaxies down through the planetary levels, deities were thus assigned to co-direct cosmogenesis processes—of both objective and subjective worlds—and ensure that the conditions for soul evolution from the mineral up to the super-human states be enabled. A logos for each galaxy assisted by a team of deities, a logos for each solar system assisted by deities, and a logos for each planet assisted by deities. That is to simplify the structural formation process of spiritual governance.

As to Dhyani-Buddhas or Archangels, they too achieved perfection in previous manvantaras, and were sent forth to assist the planetary deities in our own cycle of life. Don’t ever imagine the Lord Michael, for instance, as having been “created” during our cosmic cycle, for He together with the six Archangels assisting Lord Sanat Kumara were perfected previous to our own manvantara.

There are so many hubris materials circulating cybersphere and the reading public today that contend about a recent creation of the archangels we know. One such material is a book on angels writ by a so-called Ariella, who I discovered (per meditation scanning) works for the Evil Masters. Such disinformation readings are channeled messages and are pure lies as per divine wisdom.

As to the loka (location) or universe where the deities reside, Theos Sophia made clear about: the 7th Plane. This is the plane or dimension of deities, an entire universe in itself. Some deities, such as the Earth’s, decided to descend to as low a level as the etheric plane, and reside in a wonderful abode called Shamballah (approximate to Gobi Desert). But note that deities can be in so many locations at the same time, so our own planetary deities can be in Shamballah and higher realms at the same time.

[Philippines, 26 May 2011]


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  1. Interesting blog-post! Could deities by any way be called "multi-dimensional beings"?