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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

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Let us continue with the NWO chronicles, with focus on the depopulation agenda of the lizard Evil Ones. Time is running out on the lizards as of this writing, though there is still space for them to maneuver their sordid plans and strategies before the planetary ascension.

A certain section of the Committee of 300 or C300, the hierarchy of Luciferan adepts on Terra’s surface, had envisioned a population that will be highly controlled, with cyborgs or machines ensuring compliance to the edicts of the global elites. ‘Technotronic society’ so-called, the C300 section also drafted a policy architecture for reducing the population to a manageable level.

The depopulation plan was then propagated in the foreign policy circles of both Europe and America, with eventual acceptance of it in the long run. It wouldn’t be surprising therefore if any foreign policy researcher today would find out the shocking truth that members of both the USA’s Council on Foreign Relations and the UK’s Royal Institute for International Affairs, both NWO/C300 institutions, have knowledge of the future population agenda, with most members agreeing to enforcing the policy at all cost.

Within the backdrop of such a vision, we can comprehend why Malthusian theory, long abandoned in the pubic policy field as obsolete, came back with a vengeance as neo-Malthusian paradigm. The neo-Malthusians entrenched themselves in the United Nations since the late 70s yet and practically dictated population policies for member states. The likes of Paul Erlich (author of Population Bomb), a hatchet man for C300, were neo-Malthusians tasked to popularize the ‘population explosion’ lie to condition folks into accepting gory depopulation goals in the long run.

The target is to take off couples of billions from the current population until around 2050, by which time a Zero Population Growth will be a reality globally. The USA, for instance, should be reduced to a manageable 100 millions only, which means that 200 million of the current population will have to be taken down by whatever means there are available in the menu of Frankenstein extermination missions.

Eugenics, executed by sterilizing poorer folks (blacks used to be guinea pig before it was banned), will return in new forms in America. Healthcare access will be limited only to a few so that the millions wanting in it can die out, like the way the Nazis exterminated the sick and weak to eliminate expenditures for it (healthcare). Simulated or induced earthquakes, super-storms, pandemics, urban riots, mass massacres, and the likes that are now ongoing, will be up-scaled.

Africa, which the Europeans are salivating to re-possess as their source of natural resources, has been an active social laboratory for pandemics, wars, ethnic cleansing, hunger/mass poverty, and more. The middle east is expected to be leveled off after Armageddon or World War III, the flattened economies thereof rendering them as cheap estates and chattels to be re-possessed by the lizard elites.

Meantime, East Asia has been experiencing the tests of destroyer machines that induce earthquakes, tsunamis, super-typhoons, forest fires and haze. The recent earthquakes that hit China, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia for instance, are among the test cases. Earlier than that, the Khmer Rouge ‘killing fields’ termination of millions of Kampucheans was a successful experiment on depopulating urban areas and an entire country, with the use of Manchurian Candidates or MCs in the very persons of rogue communists (the extermination orders came from Washington DC).

Though seemingly unrelated (how could Cambodia’s killing fields be related to Katrina-like storms?), a closer scrutiny of the events would show clearly that populations are reduced in great numbers in the aftermath of the events. Sustaining and up-scaling the termination events across the decades would expectedly yield the forecast population level of a manageable 2 Billions by 2050.

By that time, the New World Order will supposedly provide jobs and healthcare to everyone else, and poverty will come to an end. The situation will be a rehash of the Hitler and Stalin regimes where everyone had jobs at the expense of their freedoms.

Very concretely, Brevzinski and Kissinger can be identified as the key players in hatching such a highly evil agenda and disseminating them to the foreign policy circles in the West at least. It wouldn’t be surprising if we unwind of the same policy architecture being fine-tuned in Japan which, as one can see, is about to reach ZPG as its population growth flattens. However, it is possible that other forces are in command of the said C300 fellows, most likely coming directly from the Dark Masters themselves, in drafting the population vision and policy agenda.

It would also turn out to be very revealing if China’s ‘one-child policy’, aside from other Draconian measures within that tend to control population, is among the patterns being carefully studied and considered by the C300 and technocrat subalterns as an exemplar of population control. In due time, China may experience a decline of population altogether, an eventuality that is now happening in Russia (didn’t Russia already terminate tens of millions during the Soviet heydays?).

If we assess how far the C300/NWO has been succeeding in depopulating the planet, judging by the decline of Russia’s population and Africa’s continental destruction swaths, and counter-balance these with the still growing global population, the expected results are only met up to a certain extent. Time is definitely running out on the lizards’ evil agenda, even as the Light Forces are now able to neutralize and deter some of the destructive pursuits before or while they are being executed.

As one ought to realize, the lizards’ (largely Orion origin, with residual Draco) depopulation agenda will eventually backfire on them. The Divine Plan will see a reduction of Orions (who now comprise 80% of our population) as well as those reptilians, insectoids, and other Negative Terrans that were originally from Draco and lower-density planets.

The Fallen Ones can probably continue their depopulation agenda in the Dark Planet (4th dimension yet negative) reserved for them. The Galactic Confederation of Light will surely be monitoring closely the developments there to ensure that the evil plans will be confined to that planet alone.

[Philippines, 21 February 2011]


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