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Erle Frayne Argonza

Magandang hapon! Good afternoon!

It’s pretty hot here in the Philippines politics-wise. The middle class is again up in arms against a corrupt regime, and this time the ’ regime change’ campaign is meant to dislodge Gloria Macapagal Arroyo or GMA from power. Just seven (7) years ago, GMA took on the helm of state as the new president to replace the incumbent Erap Estrada who was deposed, via people power, due to rampant corruption.

The turbulence that has been happening in the Philippines since the 1980s, which saw the overthrow of the corrupt regimes of Marcos (1986) and Estrada (2001), isn’t exactly caused by corruption as widely perceived. The turbulence has got to do more with the machinations of the Fallen Ones who are niched in the global oligarchy, with the Orden Illuminati/Committee of 300 as the crux of their command. I will deal with the matter though in a separate article.

As a matter of fact, the Fallen Ones always ride the waves of turbulence that happen as spontaneous reactions to perceived corruption and/or tyranny. For two (2) occasions already, they were able to overthrow regimes, and their agenda and machinations continue to remain hidden from the public. They know the folly that preys upon all men and women of power: that power corrupts, and systemic corruption multiplies the greed of those who may already be greedy upon ascending the throne.

We are today well situated within a context where the mental modality may be called, in mystical language: demonic mind. The mystic and white magician Trevor Ravenscroft dealt with the matter very substantively in his book about 666. Ravenscroft adroitly interpreted the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, an eschatological myth (end-time narrative) found in the New Testament bible (Book of Revelation).

In the mystic’s interpretation, the 4 Horsemen signify four (4) phases in the cognitive evolution of mankind. The first phase of mental evolution was when man still lacked rational powers, and coincided with the primordial cultures of antiquity. The next phase began during the classical Greek culture, when the rational modality began to be systematized. The 3rd phase began during the Renaissance period and was perfected during the Enlightenment, when reason was at its peak. The last phase is the post-Enlightenment period, when the mind degenerated into the demonic state.

The Grey Horse in the apocalyptic myth accordingly signifies the demonic mind. The peak phase of this would be in the year 666 X 3 = 1998, or year 2000 approximately, when Ahriman or the Anti-Christ appears on Earth to begin his mission (it means he
will be born before the 2nd millenium’s end).

Demonic in scientific parlance coincides with the ‘demented state’. Among demented people the dividing line between reason and the irrational (primal) on one hand, and between moral and amoral on the other hand, are erased.

Demons are hyper-space or inter-dimensional beings who are exceedingly evil and are way beyond the accepted state of balance and harmony. Their auras are dark and energies dense, so they go about sucking the energies—Light most specially—from other people. The moment that they conquer a planetary dimension, or that they dominate a planet for a long period of time, that planet will terribly fall, as what happened to Earth and around 33 other planets in our cluster of star systems in the Milky Way (see works of Sal Rachele about the Fall, at

As far as we are all concerned, there’s hardly anybody here in the physical plane who is in perfect balance save for a handful of saints. 99.99% of us have elements of imbalances, which psychology discovered as ‘psychological disorder conditions’. We work out our way through maturation to attain the greatest balance that we can achieve. Failing to do so will be tantamount to enormous suffering from anxiety disorder, or personality disorder (sociopathy being the maximum), or mental disorder condition, or a combination of the said ailments.

A lot of those disorder conditions are much rooted in our soul experiences, in our past experiences. They get to be activated as we reach age 22, by which time our present soul-incarnate will decide which past timelines to align to. Our defects during those past timelines will then assert themselves strongly in the present, and unless we care to balance ourselves via psychological counseling and yoga, we would end up even more imbalanced and dangerously demonic in the present embodiment.

The bad news is that, while the techniques of science and shamanic healing now abound to treat the ailments, many of us don’t recognize our imbalances at all. We then engage in so many self-deceptions (using Nietzsche) or illusions (using Freud, Jung), trying to impress upon people and ourselves that everything is alright with us. Moralistic institutions (i.e. church groups) reinforce the illusions through rationalizations that “leave everything to Jesus and you will be completely saved.”

The other bad news is that the social context of the day, the beginning of post-modernity, has erased notions of absolutes, of moral propriety or rational conduct, nay has questioned Reason as any more liberative element in life. It is this context that has reinforced today the demonic mind in the catch phrase ‘evil is cool’.

This somehow explains the demonic behavior that political leaders manifest as they ensconce in the niches of power. They lost touch with their own conscience, which is the repository of the transcendent, lost touch of reason as well, and they slide totally into the Primal. This is the state when they can be called Evil, which is short for e-veil or energy veil: they become densely clouded in dark energies, are cut off completely from their Higher Selves (souls), and are then overshadowed by Asuras (demonic beings) from hyperspace. They eventually behave much like the Asuras that indwell in their lower chakras.

In my observation of cases of greed notably those of various state leaders, it is conclusive that greedy leaders (bureaucrats, politicians, tyrants) have lost the human (transcendent) side of them and have moved over to their demonic side or Dark Side. This demonic ailment is what befell Estrada and his sons, and is now the condition of the Arroyo couple per my analysis. Because the demonic modality is the ‘normal mode’ in today’s context, it will be terribly difficult to rebuild the damages caused by such demonism.

For people who have already crossed over to the demonic, it is futile to shower them with garlic or holy water or press the crucifix on their faces. Such acts are merely showbiz tales and do not speak for the real facts. These demonic folks even attend church service, are active in congregations and televangelist groups, or in charismatic groups, conduct philanthropy as normal pursuit. But they vibrate with the Anti-Christ consciousness and are nowhere near to a God- or Christ-centered being that they pretend to be.

Those who are extremely demonic, such as many drug addicts, commit crimes with such cruelty that no film narrative can match. The deaths or corruption caused by them really makes one’s hairs stand up like one sees millions of ghosts attacking you endlessly. Just read the tabloids and you can find huge dosages of reports about crimes committed by people who were once humans but have turned demonic.

This is among the reasons why I, as an advocate of civil society, decided to side with the more rational and righteous elements in my country to call for the resignation of the President. This is already tame enough a clamor. It may help this country to remove the first couple, but it will never help the couple at all who will remain predominantly demonic even if they live a free life.

That’s why the European option of decapitating tyrants and corrupt leaders is the better option. Just like what was imposed upon the Ceaucescu couple of Romania. Termination not only physically liberates the erring leaders, their souls will also be freed from the clutches of the Asuras and they can have true redemption as Divine Beings attend to them in the higher dimensions.

Whether the Arroyo couple will be deposed successfully is a forecasting matter and is not this paper’s subject. Suffice me to end with the summary that we live in a demonic context, where the Anti-Christ consciousness is dominant, and therefore it is a normal incidence to witness people turn Primal-Demonic and lose their humanity in the process. Such a state now characterizes the Arroyo couple.

[Writ 27 February 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]

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