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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Guru Ra

May the Light of Divinity be with you today!

Fellows, I will write this time about the topic of ‘enhancing divinity’ and some practical tools that can aid in inducing such a state. The practical tools I have in mind are those that you already have right in your hands: candles, incense, and fine music. I’m sure everybody out there who understands the English language knows what candles, incense and music are, so I need not belabor so much point to demonstrate what they are (smile).

By ‘enhancing divinity’ I refer to preparing your immediate environment, whether this be a temple or home meditation spot, for prayers, meditations, and rituals. The environment must be preferably one where the ‘energy of rest’ (feminine energy) is strong. Some Catholic priests here in Manila have been complaining that holding masses in shopping malls, a regular event now present in practically all large malls here, is a bad practice, to which I concurred in the positive. Shopping malls are predominantly of the ‘energy of motion’ and aren’t appropriate places for meditative, prayer and ritual purposes.

Having established the parameter above, prepare next the enhancers that you may need for your purpose. In some practices, you may need holy water or ‘hyper-energized water’ as we mystics call it. For this particular piece, I will delimit my clarification on the functions of candles, incense and fine music among such tools for enhancement. Ritual tools are particularly so many, so I’d leave that as a standard tool kit for the end user based on his/her spiritual philosophy and group concerned.

Let me begin with fine music. I’m stressing here the word ‘fine’ as not all musical pieces are of the finely vibrating frequencies. Fine music would be nature music, classical music, new age music, Celtic music, soft versions of world music, and Gregorian chants. The list is far longer, but suffice me to mention those that are readily available in the nearest CD shops around or can be downloaded from the internet.

You see, when you listen to fine music, and listen with some intensity, you are immediately brought to a higher level of focus and vibration. From ‘beta brain wave’ (normal conscious) you’ll be transported instantly to an ‘alpha brain wave’ (beginning of altered state). This is important, very important. It is only in the altered states of consciousness that one can effectively send messages to the spiritual spheres and receive messages from them.

Dissonant music, such as metal rock, gothic rock, punk rock and other related pop music forms, will do the exact opposite: place you into dis-focus and keep you locked up in the dense spheres, unable to communicate effectively with the higher dimensions. That is why spiritual masters have cautioned people about the strongly Dionysiac music that dominates the airwaves today, most of which are dissonant or do the opposite of enhancing divinity.

When one is inside a bus or train and one has to pray or feels like praying, but the music being played is loud or dissonant, the remedy is to simply stay silent and begin with the opening mantra. As always, we start a prayer with “In the name of the ….” And then end with amen. This can do the work somehow of bringing you to focus at least, and hopefully to an opening of the communication channels to the higher spheres. End the opener with 3 Amens or Aums to ensure effect, and say it longer even if this were in thought form, eg. Ammmmmmeeeennnnnnnnn lasting around 10 seconds.

With your focus and shift to alpha state done, you can then proceed to your next tools. You can choose to light incense first or light candles first, or even light them all at the same time. The good news is that lighting incense to enhance aromatic fragrance at home, and scented candles as home decors have both become fashionable today. So it’s getting easier and easier to find where to procure candles and incense.

Incense works potently to drive away ‘bad spirits’ or unwanted entities in the immediate surrounds. This is its function: as a cleansing agent. At home, you can choose to light two (2) pieces of incense at a time. This is to make sure that the aroma is really strong. The message to those unwanted unseen entities also gets stronger: they ought to stay away from the area.

‘Bad spirits’ bring along with them dense vibrations or ‘bad vibes’. They shouldn’t be allowed to linger in the space of meditation/prayer work, as they can suck out your energy or transfer dense energy to you. Either way you can get depressed so suddenly, or even get sick. Remember those morning risings when you suddenly have feelings of fear and depressed without clear reason? A ‘bad spirit’ is around most likely inside your bedroom. Better cleanse your bedroom regularly by lighting incense morning and evening. When you experience that depression with fear again, light an incense and drive away the unseen malevolent entity by saying “hekas hekas este bebeloi” (away! away! all of you profanities) at least 3X, then end with Amen.

Lastly, candles function to invite angels. As soon as a candle burns, angels’ attention get attracted to its source. And then they come forth to your sanctum for spiritual work. And as soon as they arrive, the area’s frequency will be elevated some more, by a few musical notes equivalent, thus enhancing divinity all the more. Not only that, the angels also come to protect you from whatever danger may come while you are doing your prayer, meditation, or ritual.

The tip here is that when you burn a candle, as much as possible burn it entirely. Small candles are advisable for home spiritual activities as they burn within less than one (1) hour. If you have to leave the home after your activity, put off the candle but don’t blow it off. Blowing off candles would negate or leave to zero the effect of your petition. Instead, get a stick or teaspoon and use this to put off the candle. Then you can always light the candle again when you’re back home.

Do you see that practice of burning candles during one’s birthday, making a wish and then blowing off the candles afterwards? And they say your wish will be granted? Hello! Think again. If someone gifts you a cake with candles on your birthday, better revise the practice by doing the following: request your friends to form a circle and hold each other’s hands, and focus on you as you make your wish. Burn the candles, proclaim your wish 3X, end with “So be it!”, and then put off the candles with your thumb and forefinger, and then explain to your guests why you didn’t blow them instead. It’s party time, go ahead and say your wish loudly, but por favor don’t blow off the candles for your own sake.

Do the colors of the candle matter? Affirmative, they do. The appropriate purposes for each color would be as follows:


·         WHITE: Purity, balance. White contains all the colors of the spectrum, so it can be used in place of the other colored candles if your supply of the latter is suddenly short and got no time to buy at once. The color of Christ. Also of the goddess Luna. Great hue for Monday prayer, day of Luna.


·         RED: Will, power. Chinese use this color a lot for feng shui purposes and prayers. When you aspire to be more decisive since you lack this trait, use a red candle for your prayer and even meditate on the candle itself (focus on it, and visualize that power transferring to you). Sunday would be a good day for Will enhancement.


·         BLUE: Protection, will. Saturday is a day for energy closures and cleansing rituals, so blue candles would be preferred on this day. Color of the dyani-buddha (archangel) Michael and his department. Exorcism rituals should, as an imperative, use blue candles, located in all four (4) corners of the exorcism spot.


·         PURPLE/VIOLET: Healing. For rituals or prayers aimed at healing ailments, including those healing that go after an exorcism ritual. For the latter, violet is combined with blue. Healing involves a closure of energies, so Saturday would fit for them.


·         YELLOW: Wisdom. Sundays through Tuesdays would be good prayers for wisdom enhancement. Don’t forget to use this color, combined with White, for your purpose. Using the Chinese way, you can combine Red with Yellow candles for wisdom enhancement.


·         PINK: Love, devotion. All kinds of love (erotic, fraternal, filial). Thursday is perfect for love rituals, prayers and meditations. Red combined with White would be substitute in case your pink supply runs out suddenly.

·         GREEN: Money, knowledge. Want to have more cash inflows from a certain transaction? Bless your house so that money will flow with bountiness? Want to enhance your analytical, tactical, strategizing prowess, and be a powerful thinker in work? Use green, on a Friday preferably.


·         BROWN: Planting & harvest, livestock. Brown candles enhance a connection with the elemental world which supplies those forces that can help in the growth, protection and harvest of plants. Same goes for enhancing livestock growth, protection and harvest.


As to black candles, I’m sorry folks but I am not keen on using this color or to recommend it. Maybe you can inquire from the people of the Church of Satan who may have the answers. I am color blind to black candles, had never burnt a single one and will definitely never ever use it for ritual purpose.

I’ll now close the article at this point. The enhancement and practices I cited above are already standard 7th Ray practices, so I’m largely re-echoing what have already been known for eons. May you note them well and practice them as well. Aum.


[Writ 14 April 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]

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