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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

From childhood to young adulthood I feasted myself
With sights of carabaos at work in fields of planters

Like willful servant the carabao has been unto us
Humble Filipinos of an aegis of rustic past

Came forth new times and tractors filled the lands
Where carabaos once tread the fields till wee hours

Gradually did carabaos came to rest at last
No more to shame nor lame for slave tasks

So let it be the new mark of unfolding times
That carabaos be our true friends sit in glory

[Philippines, 14 October 2010]


The title of the reflection note is in command form. This is just to stress the urgency and wisdom of letting all beasts of burden rest from their enslaving toils today. We cannot wait for the planetary ascension to fulfill such a goal for one of our best friends ever: beasts of burden. Name them—buffalo, carabao, horse, elephant, cattle, dog—nay every animal that can carry loads for us, Terrans have enslaved across time!

Well, we are witnessing to the rapid disappearance of this rather imperial behavior of Terrans who think they can enslave all creatures other than they are—elementals, plants, animals, even fellow humans! But time draws near for the great change, and we still see people clinging to ancient sadistic addictions to making beasts of burden out of those fauna mentioned. The good news is all of that will come to end post-2012, by the grace of the Almighty Providence!

Not only that, even the practice of making meat out of our friend pets and beasts of burden, which we still do today, will end post-2012. There will be a brief transition when New Earth habitu├ęs will still need to input organics for energy sources, after which the death of eating organics will be solid reality.  

When I see those same beasts of burden playing with freedom again in the faunas of the morrows, I will be very happy and fulfilled. Pets can be had at home, but an end to making them utilities or machines for work or even for entertainment (such as what we do to horses) will end.


May 2011

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