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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

O! Sirius! Home of my early pedigree
Where my Adam Kadmon galvanized in me
O! Starry Lords so High that birthed me right
Blessed by Almighty photonized me One

Sent me unto Terra with my true nation
From Blue Planet like unto Earth we came
In gigantic starships dashed the hyperspace
Bringing forth compassion knowledge sagely miens

Sent forth that help we may the hordes of Terra
Who till now behave much lower than gorilla
Trapped in polarity ceases not to war and plunder
Destroying lives they are of predatory countenance

Sent forth from Future we came from divine stars
Of binary suns two we had then atop our skies
From Future cast down Earth to test our mettle
And help the Terran humans rise above cattle

No matter how badly homesick we all are
Sacrificing limbs and lives for Terra’s semi-apes
We stood and gave ourselves to mission’s crucibles
Now finally reap fruits ascension avows

Thank thee Lord Sirius and Holy Logoi!
Let us Sirians o’ Terra offer hymns to thee All
Praise thee Almighty Creator o! Father-Mother!
A zillion thanks for this ascension grace

[Philippines, 05 May 2010]


I had lives in Sirius, though I couldn’t say right now whether Sirius was the only star system I embodied in previous to our Solar system’s Earth. My primordial adam kadmon could have very well began manifestations from higher dimensions moving down material planes in the first cycles of soul evolution, and could have likewise been the ground when I began moving upwards as individuated evolute ascending back to the Prime Creator.

When I was born on this embodiment, I was a gifted child and my first awakenings were at the genius-to-gifted-mind level. A wiz kid who delved in studies on ancient wisdom and eastern mysticism early in life, I felt so set apart from the rest, though I gladly immersed with my cohorts. A privilege it is to resonate at gifted mind level, and I’d say I owe this to Sirius.

I have much memories of lives in post-Atlantean North America, meso-America, Egypt from Ossirian to Pharoahnic ages, and as a Sioux in modern America. I witnessed the imprint of Sirius in the cultures mentioned, even as I role-played a Great Warrior-Conqueror at times during my Earth sojourns.

This humble offering of thanksgiving for Sirius I penned in poetry form. I hope it captures the grand genius and beauty that Sirius shaped within me.


April 2011

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