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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

O! Father-Mother! Holiest of all Divinities!
Let this humble rishi offer thoughts of praises
Thank Thee so much for graces wisdom will
For inspiration care compassion Self to wean

Behold! This humble soul had climbed the heights
Thanks to the opportune moments bounties too
The will to shape myself like sculptor crafting
The Self from rough stone sculpted now so fine

Till finally at sojourn’s end am a Star at last
My Light Body activated shining like lantern
So mighty a Being is this Oversoul of mine
Can heal and take down devils with balls of Light

Ensue yet my own humble missions of hands on
Spread the holy Teaching to enthused seekers
Protect them mighty well from demons hostile
Till they move forward ascend to higher climes

What more to say to my true Father-Mother
Immeasurable love and graces always offered
Like cascading waters graces nourished me
Never in want as I’ve to missions ensued

A zillion thanks o! Mother-Father o’ all!
More thanks to come as sojourn more will I
One day to do more missions upon thy calling
To Thee a humble servant will I ever be

[Philippines, 05 May 2010]


Profuse thanksgiving ought to be the attitude of everyone else to the Supreme Being and the Divine Hierarchy that gave each and everyone of us the seed of life, the enabling external conditions to grow in Spirit, and the ever-ready Divine Grace upon those who are candidates for entry to nirvana, for attainment of moksha or liberation.

A persistent attitude of thanksgiving ought to be coupled with thanksgiving to all other beings—mineral, vegetative, sentient—that were part of the endowments for allowing us to grow. Thanksgiving to the Prime Creator, yet coupled with persistent hostile attitude towards fellow humans (inclusive of one’s own family members) and indifference to mother nature’s endowments, speaks of one as a demoniac whose devotion to the Creator is a mere superficiality or braggadocio.

Find time to offer prayers and thoughts of thanksgiving from morning till bedtime. This is the essential act of bhakti or devotion, which is a much better expression of bhakti than the routine visit to church on a weekend. Those same people who regularly go to church do so on weekends, and so they exhibit a toxic superficiality in devotion.


April 2011

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