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IN FLIGHT (Poem 19)
Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Here in the Pearl of the Orient
I’ve met you all of Earth’s social types:
Pauper and wealthy merchant
Fisherfolk, peasant and gentry
Countryfolk, villager and highlander
Craftsman, workingman, magnate, banker
Prostitute, gangster and policeman
Bishop, priest, nun, monk, minister and sinner
Pedagogue, manager and white-collar man
Sailor, bus driver and flyboy
Clerk, bartender and pedlar
Soldier and rebel warrior
Politician, publican and rabble rouser
Idiot, artist, athlete, genius.

Luck-struck! I feel like a star!
An opportuned social alchemist ceaselessly immersed
In all social spaces
Transmuted henceforth!

Rendered flexibly immortal to live and lead
In all imaginable shapes and spheres.

I shall fly so soon.
Scattered are your seeds over
Earth’s living zones
You ramparts of the planet.
[Writ. 30 Aug. 1987, Univ. of the Philippines, Quezon City, M.Manila.]


In my book Libertosophy & Freethought, I declared the thesis that one must attain self-realization or moksha within a social context. Be where the people are, practice devotion to God by showing devotion to them too, and serve the helpless ones to alleviate their needs and impoverishment. Serve wholeheartedly, and do it in silence.

Ascension that is done in a social context I first termed then as ‘social alchemy’. At a latter time, I coined the term libertosophy to mean a paradigm of spiritual truths, knowledge, wisdom that is suited for an aspirant who moves in the sub-paths of service and enlightened power, such as the social activists of our time.

I never found appreciation for those monks in Tibet who were isolating themselves inside caves and seemingly meditating forever. On the contrary, I disdained such a practice. One need not be a monk in order to ascend and attain moksha, one can isolate the self by living alone in your urban flat, but do not delude yourself with attaining moksha by total isolation.

Be like the proverbial Prometheus, who brought Light to those in need, though you may be challenged by Desire and may buckle down at times (Desire symbolized by the Vulture that pecked Prometheus’ liver while he was tied on a rock). As Jesus urged us, feed the poor, give water to the thirsty. Bring for the Light of truth, knowledge, wisdom to those who are in need, that they too can find balance within them, develop inner peace, and find the Path to nirvana or salvation.

April 2011

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