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IN FLIGHT (Poem 28)
Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Cross the boundaries
Of the vast fields of Knowledge.
Drink! Drink aplenty from the inexhaustible
Pool of Erudition!

The mind that is forever prepared
That which is decided to be
A chisel to carve out grandiose beauty
Out of blighted human commonwealths
Will never be seduced
By Ignorance
Whose villainous forces have
Erected quagmires that waylay
Unsuspecting victims.

Drink! Drink more from the inexhaustible
Pool of Erudition!
Your journey’s flight is about to make

Knowledge makes every waylaid
Fetter by Ignorance
Impeccably passable.
[Writ. 07 Sept. 1987, Univ. of the Philippines, Quezon City, M.Manila.]

The Teaching is very clear about the need for growing the knowledge repositories and capacities of a person, likewise to improve capabilities based on knowledge and tools. Science is the 5th Ray to the Divine, it responds to the need for building knowledge by the Aspirant, and it helps to sharpen one’s analytical and linguistic intelligence.
Even spiritual truths are packaged today as ‘spiritual science’, with both spiritual paradigms and technologies (tools, methods, practices). Both material and spiritual science perform very important roles in illuminating the Aspirant and in expanding the absorptive capacity for higher truths.
On a much higher level, an Aspirant must seek to uncover the core universal laws, find subsidiary expressions of them, and see relevant tools and practices derived from them. Self-knowledge is that aspect of knowledge that has to do with the inner self, and is of central import in the Path too.   
What is important to consider is that never take knowledge for its own sake. Knowledge should provide tools that can aid in self-understanding and grasping objective reality, tools that aid in self-realization. Knowledge for its own sake can lead one to the Dark Path, such as what befell those physicists who developed the Bomb in Alamogordo and dropped them on helpless women, children, aged folks in Japan.

April 2011

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