Thursday, December 4, 2014


Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Fate could be embezzler and crook
If bribed it could be
‘Tis when one cuts his/her throat and snuffs
Out life as one cold stone.
Yet fate and life are holy lovers
Self, the blinding love
Inane would be the earth’s own twirling be
If this code wasn’t found.

This itch to knife the body, like
Fly that scans excrement
Will flee when reason for it shies away
When swatters swarm the heaps
That is when one has bridged the self
To the crafting of the world anew
Behold! The diadems in people’s hearts!
Await everyone’s countenance
Like cornfields that a day shan’t miss
Without showers gently sent
By pious clouds from heaven’s floors
Undone is the sizzling heat
And then no more will knifing the body
Ever cross the willful mind.
[Writ. 27 May 91, Cubao, Quezon City, M.Manila]

Why do people commit suicide or self-annihilation? What happens to those who commit suicide for chains of embodiments?
There are two ways of looking at suicide. First, the psychological way, which regards suicide as an innate tendency—suicidal ideation—in any person who suffers from personality disorder. Second, the sociological, which considers social forces and rapid changes as cause for suicide (Emile Durkheim classified altruistic, egoistic, anomic suicides).
Anybody who commits suicides for chains of embodiments will someday reincarnate as a hunchback. HP Blavatsky, who was allowed by the Brotherhood to release higher truths in large quanta over a century ago, explicated the matter in some of her truly recondite writings. No wonder that we have too many hunchbacks today, they suffer from the malady of perpetual self-annihilation, and the universal laws have already affixed what conditions they will live through in exchange for the new opportunity to incarnate, heal, and re-grow the soul.
Nothing can work better for a personality disordered entity than to undergo healing. Recognize the ailment first, tap thy will to decisively undergo therapy with aid from a specialist, and deign to detoxify the psyche through the tools made available to thee. Heal thy social & emotional bodies, learn to meditate to continuously aid you in healing, and engage in highly meaningful activities to regain self-esteem, construct healing social relationships, and the rest will follow.


April 2011

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