Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

Break, break through the barrier
Betwixt time and timelessness!
Descend upon Terra’s mortal face!
Nestle in the minds of knowers
Who’ll catch you a-glide!
As to your catchers who know not
One another, perfect strangers
Illuminate them with your radiance!
A holy fire you are and ever
To all men you’re passed a-glow.

That you land on different mortal
Baskets at one time and only one
Is cause enough for bafflement
For both simpleton and erudite.

But your stately arrival exudes greater kingliness
Then the wondrous enigma you’ve aroused
Risen have you from beneath time’s antechambers
To exterminate the nebulae of ignorance.
[Writ. 27 May 91, Cubao, Quezon City, M.Manila]


Illumination, enlightenment, the state akin to bliss brought upon by descent unto one’s faculties of higher knowledge, wisdom, inspiration. Those who are in the Path of moksha (liberation), who most honestly put their minds and hearts at learning higher levels of knowledge, likewise take the necessary steps to get there, through conscientious studies, observation, and related processes.

In contrast, the Laggard will find my thought expressed in the poem above as meaningless, garbled message. The Laggard had failed to nurture the development of the cognitive-intuitive-spiritual (wisdom) levels of faculties, and does not even know the value of reading and research except that it is required in school to get grades and graduate later in order to get jobs.

Starseeds who are awakening to their cosmic roots should take great pains in accessing higher truths by conscientious studies of the Teaching, taking advanced academic lessons and self-programming studies in them, intuiting truths through creative outputs in the arts, and procuring further truths through meditative insights (using appropriate meditation tools). Anyone who claims to be a starseed but who doesn’t even value reading at all, is a mere quack starseed and is no different from a Laggard.

Illumine thyselves through means already established by the great Masters of past and present. Do painstaking studies rather than rely from “whispers and forwarded inputs from other beings” (channeling), and you’d get nearer to being granted Divine Grace by the Prime Creator. Till one day you’ll turn into an Enlightened One, thou art a sublime crucible of divinity yourself, already freed from chains of rebirths and ready to help free others.


April 2011

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