Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

Warm is the day of summer.
The city’s drenched with sweat
Much more for humans
Sweats abound as unwanted flies
On the surface of sticky skin
Sticky is the summer’s day.

Warm yet blessed is the summer’s day.
The hot sun indeed bakes the skin a-gruel
Yet so does it burn all malignant germs
They quiver like it were their last
Winter, on a summer’s day
The signs of sickness shy away.

The body is a sturdy rock
Unreached by echoes of ailments
Only echoes of joy a-fleeting on a summer’s day.
[Writ. 15 May 1991, Cubao, Quezon City, M.Manila]


Light—physical light—manifests enormous healing powers. This thesis is what is stressed in the poem I writ above. I was already a yogi then, and I have studied the healing powers of light. I recall John Ott’s book Light Therapy as a synthetic reference for studying such healing qualities (the book was among my collections when I wrote this poem).
My body simply loves the sun, and amazingly it is during the hot days of the Dry Season—or equivalent of Summer in the tropics (late March till end of May)—when my health is at its peak of wellness. On the cold days of late November till early February do I normally suffer from colds, severe allergic rhinitis and sinusitis.
Maximize on the healing powers of Sol by exposing yourself to a total of thirty (30) minutes of sunlight a day. It is free medicine, and should I stress ‘preventive medicine’. Even the most dangerous viruses and bacteria may shy away from your biophysical system, provided you also follow the other essentials of good health & wellness inclusive of hygiene sustenance.
I was a health buff early in life, and I mentor seekers with the note that they ought to maintain a physical program—of their own choice. A healthy body is a requisite in the Path of self-realization, for the body is the seat of the soul. Keep it fit, well, and clean, and one of the formulas for wellness is getting as much sunlight as you can.
April 2011

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