Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

Welcome, most devastating Tempest!
I’ve been expecting your arrival. Do again
Try to smash my Will and sap my strength with your
Diabolic winds, undersea currents and tsunamis.
Let us, while the universe watches, dance together
With no choreography: you are destroyer of all laws.
Crash me, crash me till the hardest of my bones
And inner strength will erode and fade away
To become lore that will no longer fit to be narrated…
That is, if fortune is on your side.
But Tempest, I am the architect of situations,
The productive zenith of sorceries of a million magi,
The master slayer of demons and dragons
That attempted to waylay me on my journeys.
Tempest, never have I lost to you, never have I
Pleaded that you depart from me when you’re around
As when you were present a hundred times before.
I have become cast as the hardest steel
Each time that you’ve made your visit.
Come, Tempest! Make your call once, twice and
A thousand more times: witness me as I again transform
Your powerful forces into ones that will steer me ahead—
Five steps backward and ten steps forward, I’m never
Off-balanced at all by your potent tormenting winds.
Feel me,Tempest, I’m overly cast
I’ve become a super-Tempest whose everyday dream is
To ensnare you as a slave and outcaste.
[Writ. 08 Jan.89, U.P. Village, Quezon City, M.Manila]

One of my literary pieces writ in the platform of ‘literature of power’, this one is meant to inspire those who experience storm & stress every now and then. Such existential storms could make one experience devastation, and if not managed well such a low-rung state could lead to vicious cycles of depression.
This piece reveals the warrior side of me, and I admit that I am largely a Warrior or 1st Ray as a soul type. So I do perceive challenges and risks from a warrior’s perspective, and hopefully seekers could resonate with it.
From a warrior’s perspective, an existential maelstrom is regarded as congealing forces that could lead the warrior to greater strengths and power. Storm makes great warriors stronger, while they can knock off non-warriors to shreds. So the lesson is: develop your 1st ray or enlightened warrior strengths so you can learn to convert storm’s super-forces to your inner strength-builders.
Shorn of a great warrior’s traits—notably iron will, courage, decisiveness, organizational acumen—a person will be as wimp as wet chicken all his/her life. Will coupled with bhakti (devotion) can accelerate a seeker to attaining Self-realization, see? So seekers have no choice but to meditate well on forging 1st ray traits and transmuting energies of storms to energies of reconstruction and regeneration.

March 2011

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