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Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

There can be
no savoring the foods
offered by Terra
without working hard for their generation;

no consumption of bounties
in torrential showers
without striving
for their production;

no recital of flowery
words about justice
without active contention
for their fruition;

no pleasant rest
of mind and body
without processing by
the sweatshops of labour;

no blissful state
of realized utopias
without rendering sufferings
from waylaid obstacles.
[Writ. 27 Sept, 1987, University of the Philippines, QC.]

The poem was largely my crafting of the virtue of labor in the poetic form. At the time of my writing this piece, I was largely enamored to the labor theory of value, which I hold on to this day.
Any spiritual Aspirant ought to realize the wisdom behind labor as way to reproducing in the self the power of creation of the Prime Creator. Being thus a reproduction of such divine powers, each of us is a co-creator of the Almighty in the lower dimensions of reality.
Being so, we strive to enact co-creation in the realm of practice. We were sent here for a higher purpose, so we maximize our presence in the dense spheres to labor as a sublime expression of the powers of creation. Even our sojourning the Path is a matter of engaging in work—in spiritual work—as we put into practice the principles of higher mysteries.
As we move on in our journey living highly productive lives, so does Divine grace come forth, showering us with blessings. Till finally one becomes Self-realized, a process that is itself brought forth by a combination of our efforts (25%), our guru’s intervention programs (25%), and divine grace (50%).
March 2011
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