Monday, February 10, 2014


Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

What is
the promising denouement
of aspirations for betterment
by all the Earth’s dispossessed
if not that
the fidelity
to the visions
they’ve conceived
can unfold
in their nonpassive

Yes, the future
has shapes and forms
that can be exquisitely

[Writ. 27 Sept. 1987, University of the Philippines, QC.]


As a youth I was attracted strongly to humanist, Enlightenment ideas about progress and the possibilities of recreating worlds. From the Eastern masters did I learn more recondite thoughts about progress and the continuous growth of the Spirit in daily life, thus ensuring a better future for us all individually and collectively as humans.
Along the mystical Path did I grasp the knowledge that even the Earth itself—endowed as it is with higher intelligence—is capable of uprooting itself from eons of stasis and propelling itself to a higher dimension. That sublime intelligence is Gaia, the divine being that had made Earth as her material vehicle.
What we are today is what we have made of ourselves based on accretions of experiences from diverse embodiments. We can choose the Negative Path, or the laggard’s way of stasis, or the Positive Path of ascension back to the Godhead. The decision about what Path to take is ours to make, our future then expectedly a product about that decision and the compass of our sojourns.
The future, in other words, is not a fixed condition of life that an external intelligence has assigned for us. We are free will beings, free to chart the contours of our “what-can-be” from the momentary context of the “what-is”.

March 2011

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