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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

One more version may be given, that from the Karo Battak, who, like the Dairi, live north of the Toba. According to this, Batara Guru, the heaven deity, and his wife, who was the daughter of the divinity of the underworld, full of sorrow at their childlessness, determined to try the effect of penance in poverty and seclusion, and accordingly went to live in a little hut by the sea. Here they planted a small garden, which was destroyed by a great serpent that came out of the water, but when Batara Guru went to drive it away, the monster demanded that he put food into its mouth. Fearing lest his hand be bitten off, Batara Guru wedged open the mouth of the serpent with his sword, and withdrawing his hand, found upon his finger a magic ring which would grant his every wish. The serpent then returned to the sea, and in due course of time, aided by the ring, the wife of Batara Guru presented him with three sons and three daughters. One of these sons created the world in the space between the upper world and the under-world, making it with seven handfuls of soil sent him by his father, who, when the earth was finished, suspended it from the sky by seven silken cords. The newly created world caused the underworld to be darkened, which aroused anger in that one of the three sons who had taken up his residence there. Therefore he shook the world so violently that it was destroyed. Seven times this was repeated, the earth being made anew each time, until the world-maker besought his father to aid him, and this Batara Guru did, setting up an iron pillar which sup-ported four cross-beams, upon which the world was then founded. After this the underworld-brother could shake the world (as indeed he does to this day), but was unable to destroy it.

‘Batara Guru and wife’ suggest strongly the coupled role of Brahma & elohistic forces on one hand, and that of Shakti (Mother) and the angelic forces on the other hand. ‘Divinity of the underworld’ signifies the deific beings assigned to help create humans in the astral and physical dimensions which collectively are ‘underworld’.

Both forces, from Brahma-Elohim to Shakti-devic/angelic were to collaborate in birthing humans down on the lower planes or ‘underworld’. The ‘little garden’ is the devachan to which early humans had direct access to, that access later to be destroyed by the descent into the dense plane on account of succumbing to the dictates of the reptiloid species that intervened in the evolutionary process.

The ‘7 handful of soil’ refers to the 7 subcontinental regions of each of the supercontinents that emerged on Earth’s lower globes or planes. Pangea (also called Hyperboria) and Lemuria were the first supercontinents populated by humans, each one with 7 distinct sub-continents or regions. Current geologists know of a super-continent before Pangeaa, but there were no humans yet in that primordial land mass.  

The clash between the ‘new world of 7’ and the ‘underworld’ refers to the changes that went on in Earth as it cooled down further from its primordial hot stage, each time producing new land mass configurations. This facet of the myth can be extrapolated, to show that the process of geological-electromagnetic changes will continue into the future, thus changing the land mass configurations across the eons to come.

The clash between the Reptilian/Dvil forces and the Divine/Light forces is clearly shown in the mythos. As revealed, the reptilians reside in the astral dimension that is signified by the sea.

Four-cross beams that were supported by iron pillar, which is the foundation of human life, signify the four elements of earth, water, air, fire as they combine (Quaternary principle), blend and harmonize to constitute the material vehicles for making living possible. ‘Iron pillar’ signifies the over 100+ elements on earth—discovered today by chemists—that can indeed support existence down here.

[Philippines, 20 June 2011]





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