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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang araw! Good day!

Many seekers may be baffled with the voluminous materials available for reads, and may experience a confusion as to what materials to study that can serve as their foundational readings. Straight from my own experiences and from topics I mentor to seekers, I will share notes to you today about what stuff to read in your menu of studies.

As I’ve always been echoing to seekers I handle: READ THE MASTERS’ WORKS. All capital letters spelled out there, just to stress the point more emphatically.

Any seeker who aspires to become free one day—attain nirvana, self-realization, salvation, holiness (wholeness)—should better read the masters’ works. Masters are already self-realized persons, whose own souls and even Christ Selves are activated, enabling them to tap divine wisdom directly.

Divine wisdom is tapped at the levels of 5th (nirvanic), 6th (Christ/Budhic), and 7th (monadic, avataric, deity) planes and is pure jewel. Unexpurgated, unblemished by possible intrusive thoughts from Dark masters in the lower planes, they surely are the true foundation to a spiritual life.

If a seeker would read, for instance, writers of New Age, occultism, wicca, sorcery, astrology, divinations, crystals, healing, spiritism, channeling, and the likes, s/he would most likely be lost. Such materials are derived from lower plane reflections, and are blemished with intrusive thoughts from evil beings in the Earth’s EMF (electromagnetic field).

Foundations are foundations, so one would have to explain to me hard enough what makes astrology or wicca as worth my reflections. How could I ever have ascended to rishi/guru awareness if I focused on such convoluted materials.

My own initial readings of masters’ works was no other than the Holy Bible. Having been baptized a Catholic, I had the first opportunity to read our own family’s collection of a large-size King James bible while still in high school. My first reflections of biblical prophets, Jesus and the apostles made me conclude that divine beings wrote the materials, and I was right all along.

As soon as my seeker’s quench became stronger as a university student, I continued my quest for masters’ works. I encountered modern-day Adepts notably the theosophists (Blavatsky, Besant, Leadbeater, Hodson, Q. Judge, A. Sinnett, Sri Ram) and anthroposophist R. Steiner, whose works really stood out and made strong impact on me.

By the time I was thirty (30) years of age, I felt that I already acquired sufficient foundation and meditative depth to permit me to re-echo the lessons to students as a trainor and would-be guru. I kept on reading just the same, kept on expanding my knowledge and practice, till I became an Adept (mystic) at age 36. I was initiated into the spiritual Brotherhood at that age, and there was no more turning back for me—nirvana I will go to.

Along the way, I did study psychic phenomena, numerology, psychosocial healing, UFOs, spiritism, controversial materials, conspiracy theories (exposing Luciferan conspiracies), and the likes. But I was sure that they were NOT THE FOUNDATIONAL STUFF I needed as an aspirant, only exotic materials to quench my curiosity of them.

The writings of the couple Mark & Elizabeth Prophet also did make impact, and I noticed that they expanded on the earlier works begun by the theosophists and Eastern masters. They are among the works I recommend for seekers.

Among Eastern masters I found the triad of Lahiri Mahayasa - Sri Yutekswar Giri - Paramahansa Yogananda as comprising yet another set of divine beings who released deep value-added materials from a parallel framework. Kriya Yoga was their mandated core philosophy and practice, with the blessings of Mahavatar Babaji (Christ of the East) to release the lessons.

The ancient teachers, such as Gautama Buddha, Lao Tsu, Confucius, Mencius, Mohammed, are as refreshing in their divine thoughts as any fresh lotus. Ditto for the philosophers of the Vedas, the puranas, the Mahabharata. Do find time to study them.

Among recent masters, you may go ahead and study Sri Aurobindo, Sai Baba, Krishnamurti, Mahatma Gandhi, PR Sarkar, Vivekanda, and Baha’ullah. The Melchizedek from the USA, Sal Rachele, is also recommendable read. Wonderful reads, rest assured.

The last thing that one should do is to dogmatize a master or team of masters. Expand your mind, study them, see how their works intertwine, for they all form a fabric of the divine spheres, the spiritual Brotherhood. They are One, and have contributed their share to the Teaching.

The Teaching is only One, though there were many masters who contributed to it. Christians call it ‘the Word of God’, mystics call it ‘higher mysteries’ or ‘universal mysticism’. We Teachers would prefer to use the simple term ‘the Teaching’ to refer to the same thing with the universal or cosmic theme.

Accompany the philosophy (metaphysics) with practice (ethics), inclusive of the tools provided by the masters, and you will experience an awareness climb in no time at all. From one subplane to another, from a lower density to a next level, you will experience a quantum leap of awareness expansion.

Until finally, in the future, you will witness the Ascended Beings celebrate your ascension into a master or ‘maharishi’. The whole heavens will leap with joy for you, show you a meritorious emblem that you have ascended, embed that emblem in your brow chakra, and you know that you’ve been elevated. Likewise will you be given a mission statement on a certain platform object (I can’t reveal it), handed to you by a master-Guide of yours.

Tell me, seeker, how will I ever evolve if I began with the likes of channeled messages (convoluted and low value-added, if not dirty), wicca, and astrology? What tools do such materials offer for me to expand awareness, build virtues, expand creativity, and reach a level of cosmic compassion? None at all!

Seeker, the choice is really yours. Study the masters works and be a self-realized soul one day, or read sorcery stuff and be a mere sorcerer some day who would end up hurting lots of people. The choice is yours. My counsel is clear: read the masters’ works.

[Philippines, 14 June 2010]

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