Friday, November 5, 2010


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang gabi! Buenas noches!

It’s past dinner time as I write this piece, time for many Dark spies to scour the astral-etheric belt for information from unsuspecting aspirants. Just about thirty (30) months away is the 2012 planetary ascension, after which no more Dark Masters are around to threaten and bamboozle anyone who’s in the Path.

Let me declare the contention that there are too many Dark spies in the astral-etheric belt. I will use the term ‘electromagnetic field’ or EMF in lieu of astral-etheric belt as they refer to the same thing. Dark spies are out there in the EMF, comprising of Dark Masters, Dark ETIs (extra-terrestrial intelligences), and their subalterns.

Down here, there are those dubbed as ‘grey elements’ who do not flow with the Light, and are being used by Dark spies surreptitiously. The grey elements could be used for information gathering or to sabotage the operations of Light Worker groups. They pretend to be Light Workers, which they are not.

As soon as a person begins to show tumultuous interest as a seeker, his/her Inner Guides would constantly communicate to him/her, in face to face mode, many messages as his/her body sleeps. S/he is pulled up the higher EMF, inside safe havens, where the Guides can communicate more safely.

Upon waking up, the seeker will have no memory at all of the consultations or meetings with the Guides. If at all, there would be faint memories of the events. Often then not, the information isn’t registered in the ‘lower memory’ (lower self short-term memory).

The records of the meetings and consultations are, of course, well kept and secured in the person’s unconscious mind (a 4th plane endowment). Only under special circumstances can some information bits be opened, that is when dark veils begin to be unveiled during the initiation process (there are over 500+ veils to hurdle before one becomes a Master of Wisdom).

Security protocols do exist that account for such a secrecy. Knowing the presence of so many Dark spies in the EMF who are too eager to extract information from aspirants, Masters have devised ways to ensure that security protocols are met.

As soon as one’s meditative visions become clear, where visioning would be like reviewing 10 megapixel photos and videos, s/he would be able to see Light Beings and Dark Beings as well. It would be hard for a starting seeker to determine if a Light Being that appears is a mere disguise of a Dark Master (which they can easily do), but that is resolved as one advances a bit.

There would come a point in the Path when Dark Beings can no longer hide themselves from an aspirant. That comes when one is attuned to 6th Density awareness (3rd plane), a level where there are no interferences from message jammers in the EMF, as it is a higher platform altogether.

At 6th Density, if Ahriman wishes you to see him as Leviathan, you would vision a huge dinosaur that looks so funny as it is archetypal more than factual. Behemoth, Beelzeebub, Moloch, Bamat, Ashtaroth, and who ever Dark Masters there are, can never hide themselves from your inner focal lenses.

They are up to spy on you at the least, distort messages sent to you by your Guides or higher dimension gurus (which they will fail to jam), and, if they can, try to control your thoughts (only those with weak mental and astral bodies can be controlled). Unless you are clearly situated in 6th Density and higher, you can never relate to what I’m discussing.

In case you’re under initiation from a guru or set of teachers, you should exercise extreme care in sharing information that you receive or your very own experiences of initiation. You might be squealing out information so carelessly that, once spied on by a Dark being, your own initiation can be jeopardized.

So many aspirants who were being initiated by gurus in the etheric plane, and who failed to follow the security protocols, were eventually cut off from further exposures by their Initiator gurus. They would also be harassed so often by Dark Masters who are desperate to extract more information and control a new puppet or so. The initiation thus could ground to a halt.

Lucky are today’s aspirants, as the era of Dark espionage is ending soon. The Dark Masters are now being arrested, taken away from our EMF, and jailed elsewhere. So massive is the arrest that by the time of planetary ascension, there will be fewer Dark spies to deal with. Before the end of 2012, all such Dark spies will be gone from Earth.

What a relief it will be for both Guides and aspirant, for the Masters and the disciples by that time. Yet, no matter if Earth will be freed of Dark beings, as a matter of self-discipline, it is better to follow security protocols. Information that shouldn’t be openly shared should be kept secret.

We cannot afford to have breach of security protocols. From far distances, Dark beings can still exercise influence and probably spy on aspirants. And down below, one’s own Inner Demon could still be actively working within an aspirant, so it always pays to watch out for one’s self.

Anybody who talks too much, like an infant so full of attention deficit disorder, just might not attract the esteem of some other aspirants. Thus will such a person be more of a liability rather than an asset to the nirvana cause.

For now, we still have many months ahead of us before 2012, so please be careful of the espionage and sabotage being progressively undertaken by the Dark spies and their grey assets down here. Self-discipline is a must in the Path, remember.

Aspirants, seekers, Light Workers, good luck to your ascension Path!

[Philippines, 25 May 2010]


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