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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Seekers, freethinkers, all you potential Lightworkers, seek ye the Light of the Transcendent! Seek for it everywhere, but of all spaces, please search for it in your inner space. For within you resides your true self, your Higher Self, waiting for you to unite with it in the most sublime union you’d ever experience.

Being thus united with your Higher Self, thou will thenceforth be merged with your God-Self, nay merged with God Almighty in Shis (his/her) resplendent glory. Thus, seek ye this Path towards your self-realization, your mutation from a rough mineral material into the finest piece of jewelry, your path towards God Realization.

To clarify first of all: Who’s a Seeker? Isn’t anybody who believes in God or the transcendent realm a Seeker? Doesn’t the Hallelujah God crowd constitute the seekers that we Lightworker mystics speak of?

Fellows on Earth, if you delimit your actions to blind faith, blind obedience to dogma presented by your patriarchs, bishops and priests, and most specially if you like unto the great mass of herds couldn’t conceive of salvation without being pushed into such an option by Fear Complex, than you are no Seeker but a mere Believer or Devotee. Devotees are better served by their institutional masters, for they couldn’t conceive of attaining the Path beyond institutional means, beyond attunements to mass consciousness or ‘herd instinct’ (to echo Nietszche).

Anybody who aspires to the transcendent height by individual attainment, by going beyond dogma, by boldly searching for higher knowledge through a combination of methods, by synthesizing philosophy, science and the arts toward a higher form of self-understanding and knowledge of the higher realms, and by a further synthesis of material science and spiritual science towards self-attainment, is a noble and true Seeker.

Using Jung’s thought constructs, the one who attains the highest expanse of individuation, the one who is able to detach from mass consciousness and rise above the constrictions of the latter, and therefore the one who is open to experiment on a diversity of methods and absorption of teachings from various teachers, is a Seeker.

We can formulate the evolutionary trajectory thus: one manifests in primordial antiquity as a Devotee (all were born believers), who then evolves into a Seeker through many sojourns in the dense spheres, and then attains a heightened awareness characteristic of a Mystic, and then graduates to Master level (master of wisdom), and then moves on to become an Ascended Master or Christed One, until finally one becomes an Avatar or God-incarnate. To simplified model is shown below:

DevoteeàSeekeràMysticàMasteràAscended MasteràAvatar

What a long, arduous sojourn, one may quip. Indeed, too long a soul evolutionary process, but optimistically doable. The Gautama Buddha is among the exemplars of those who proved the possibility of attaining the highest level of awakenings as a matter of Will-to-transcend and self-attainment. By way of such a colossal feat, it has been demonstrated that not only is the process doable, but also that the timeframe for liberation can be shortened should one practice the science of yoga most determinatively.

It is now the era of post-modernity, of the Aquarian Age, and in this era, Fixed Idea is dangerous and anathema to growth. Therefore, any determined Seeker must deconstruct old modalities of thinking and behaving, trash those methods that he/she may have instinctively followed. Such as to think of science as purely material science, or to think of science as antinomy of the spirit, or to fix spirituality to religion which is the ‘path’ better fit for the herds of devotees/believers.

There is no fixed Path, the trek to the heights is a ‘pathless one’ as Krishnamurti claimed almost a century ago. What is important is one must actively seek for the height rather than follow blind faith and consign oneself to believing. Blind beliefs, blind obedience, blind faith entrap one in the hovels of ignorance, and no one attains higher awakenings by systematic ignorance and gross contortions of truths through dogma.

So, Noble One, a Path nobly awaits you, a path that is individualized, customized for you based on your psyche and soul-type. Seek for that path yourself, let no external dominating force do this for you, for only you and no one else can find your viable path.

When you are ready, a teacher appears in the path who can be a companion in the seemingly desolate journey. And no better teacher could be there other than your own Higher Self or your Inner Guide (‘guardian angel’ of Catholics). Lucky enough if you can find physical gurus, for in a world populated by billions of souls we all confront a scarcity of gurus. But everybody has an Inner Guide, the Wise Old Self of you residing in the higher dimensions. And it is this Guide who can help you a lot by pointing to you the possible courses of action in your journey.

No Guide or teacher will ever impose thoughts on you, remember this always. For you are a Free Will being, a constituent of the human lifestream, and you can always disagree with offered options and lessons. It is always you who should make the final choice, while your Guide, out of shis (his/her) genuine concern for you, lovingly offers options that you can consider. The Guide is not your personal Tyrant but your co-partner in your travail.

Reflect on this clear enough, dear Fellow. If you disagree and you’d still stick to fixed ideas of spirituality as a churchly matter, than go ahead and go this way like the billions of evolutionary laggards and devotees around us. But if you think of this option as a clear, viable choice, than right at this moment, your Guide feels elated for you and will reach out to you in a more intense manner. Being in such state, you are ready for the Path, and you will see signs yourself that you have a Companion of Light along the way who is no other than your Inner Guide.

Decide in a whole-hearted manner, make no half-hearted decisions, for in your indecisions the Light cannot flow unto you. The grey energies produced by your indecisions and fears of going thru the Path will block higher Light or Spirit from flowing through you, even as you attract instead negative beings from the dark domains of the astral plain to misguide you and enchain you in more ignorance and perpetual incarceration in the existential grounds of a meaningless life.

So, dear Fellow, if you seek the Path whole-heartedly, make no postponement, decide soon enough as your Light Companion awaits your sweet, noble decision. Trust your heart in the matter, for in thy heart resides your soul which is your inner companion. Move on, please move one, trust your soul, listen to the voice of your Inner Guide, and you’re there in your Path.

God Bless you in your Path!

[Writ 20 September 2007, Quezon City, MetroManila]

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