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IN FLIGHT (Poem 36)
Erle Frayne D. Argonza

I shall not go weary with the waiting.
Time’s no evil, Time is kind
Time does not stand still for the doer
As it glides smoothly with the trade’s making.

I shall not go weary with the waiting.
Time is honest, Time is gentle
Time is merciful to the pilgrim
Who’s been shaping up for earnest sharing.

I shall not go weary with the waiting.
Time is not a loathsome changeling
That devours its trusted fellows
Not the man with noble visions.

I shall no go weary with the waiting.
Duty that lifts travelers aflight prevails.
Duty prevails.
[Writ. 17 Sept. 1987, Univ. of the Philippines, Quezon City, M.Manila.]


The virtue of patience and the propelling power of Duty are stressed in the poem. This is part of my poetry series titled In Flight, writ as a young man who wished to do development work among the poor folks of other continents.

Impatience is a deadly poison to one’s soul. To a Traveler—a seeker who performs learning and Duty in solitary fashion—impatience is a stumbling block to building a strong foundation within the self in order to move forward to the next levels of development. Impatience yields half-baked results, and there are no half-baked learnings in the Path of liberation.

A seeker would be so lucky enough if Divine Grace would be bestowed upon him/her, amidst enormous impatience in getting results for spiritual goals. As the Master Yoda said in the Star Wars series, “patience, patience!” when mentoring his apprentice Luke Skywalker.

Build patience within the psyche, as this virtue will facilitate the building of other core virtues. Don’t ever wait for the Almighty Creator to build patience for you, the initiative and effort must come from within you. Prayer and meditation tools for building virtues should be applied consistently and persistently to deprogram impatience and build the jewel of patience.


April 2011

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