Monday, July 21, 2014


Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

Why not be humble at all moments
Of association with fellowmen?
Didn’t the shopworker teach you
That one rudiment of survival
Is the intelligent recognition
Of your limitations’ omnipresence
Inspite of endowments of craft & wealth?
For there too are circumstances
That are beyond you grasps
In the snares of Naivete
And may even cause a furor
Of gig and limitless giggle?
For Boastfulness and Arrogance
Are twin eagles of deception
That once they’d lift you aflight
They’d shake you off the winds to crash
Tragically on the solid ground
Of defeat and humiliation?

O! Humility!
You are a noble messenger
That speaks for transparent Security
One that makes a person immensely cherished
By the commonwealth of all men.
[Writ. 05 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]

Being an islander in Asia, born a Filipino, I was taught humility as a sublime virtue. As I grew up, I found out that humility is a cross-cultural virtue, taught by sages and gurus of the Teaching. As a lad, I had great love for erudite yet humble persons, and had deep scorn for braggarts and arrogant persons.
The Filipinos are incidentally descendants of ancient Lemurians, who  were gifted with perfecting Karma Yoga even prior to the emergence of the Filipino in the historic landscape. Service and bhakti (devotion) go sublimely together, such traits blossoming well among many of my well-meaning compatriots here. For the servant cum devotion person, humility is a sublime virtue exhibited as natural behavior, it being one of the ‘ginintuang ugali’ (golden traits) offered to us by our divine heritage.
Endeared spiritual Aspirants should internalize the virtue well and live it in daily living. Humble yet magnanimous persons will eventually be golden traits of the habitués of New Earth. In contrast, braggarts, arrogant ones will be driven out of Earth and transferred to the dense world that await them, there to brag and condescend on others to their hearts’ delight.
March 2011
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