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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

In general the myths of these beings seem to be independent in origin and unrelated, and are mainly concerned with recounting the way in which they taught certain ceremonies and customs to the people with whom they came in contact in their wanderings; so that they present few details of value for our purposes. Differing in some respects from these myths, yet on the whole belonging to this class, is the account given by one of the tribes from Victoria,' according to whom the first man originated from the gum of the wattle-tree, and issuing from a knot upon its trunk, entered into the body of a woman and was born as a male child.


The aborigines of Australia are remnants of the 3rd root-race of Lemurians. It is a sad fact that the Australians are bereft in mythology as a whole, as found out by researchers on the subject. Yet there are still discernible themes and lores.

Accordingly, the ‘first man’—referent for the first racial families or sub-races—originated from the ‘gum of a wattle-tree’. Whatever the tree may be as archetype, it is the ‘gum’ that matters. The ‘gum’ is form and shape-wise like unto the ‘sweat’, and you can easily see this when you observe gum fluids squeezing themselves out of any plant that emits them.

The ‘sweat-born’ early humans are being revealed here. Prior to the sexually produced mid-Lemurians, couples of sub-races of primordial humans were of ‘sweat-born’ and ‘egg-born’ humanoids.

‘Issuing from a knot upon its trunk’ is quite a shady memory of ancient knowledge of genetics, where chromosomes spiraled in shape and seemingly knotted in micro-sections. The man coming from the genetic essence seems, and born not by sexual reproduction but seemingly born by itself, is an indirect evidence of genetic programmers who bred early humans as genetic experiments indeed.

Theos Sophia or divine wisdom is replete with explications on the role of the ‘solar pitris’ (solar fathers) who aided in bringing forth the humans of antiquity who would gradually look like the Adam Kadmon imprint of human over-souls at the start of the present Manvantara.

[Philippines, 30 June 2011]


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