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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

A version from Halmahera 3 shows a further development. A man once had seven sons. Attacked by a mysterious illness, he gradually turned to stone, and the sons, wishing to seek for medicine with which to cure him, determined at once to set out in search of it. The youngest son, however, being very ugly and covered with sores, was left behind; but he, resolving to do what he could, started off alone in another direction and came to the house of an old woman, who took pity on him, cured his sores, clothed him, and listened to the story of his quest. When she had heard his tale, she told him to hide among the bushes near a pool of water which was close by, and he had not been there long before five maidens came to bathe. They took off their garments and laid them on the bushes under which he was concealed; and while they were bathing, he stole the clothes of the youngest. The  others, when they came out, put on their winged garments and flew away, but the youngest, unable to escape, begged in vain that he would return to her magic robes, only to have him re-fuse and take her home as his wife. When he had told her of his quest and had asked her if she could help him, she immediately called for her flying-palace, and in it they both ascended to the sky. She brought her husband to the presence of the lord of heaven, who gave him, after hearing his story, the medicine for which he had been seeking, and with this the son now returned to his father, thanks to the aid of his wife's magic flying-house. There he cured his parent; but his six brothers returning empty-handed, and being angry because the youngest had succeeded where they had failed, were later turned into dogs, while the hero and his wife lived happily ever after.

The Septenary Law again is revealed here, in the 7 sons of a man. The man ‘turned to stone’ signifies the further descent of early Earth humans into the dense sphere of existence.

Amusingly, the narrative of maidens coming from ‘above’ is indicated here. The maidens came from a ‘flying palace’ which is a direct referent for the inter-dimensional ships of extraterrestrial humans of a higher dimension. The ‘ugly son’ out of 7 brothers—possibly 7 ethnic groups comprising a racial family of a Lemurian-era sub-race—was fortunate to have interbred with the visitors from above.

The ethnic community was to inherit knowledge, signified by ‘medicine’, aside from being ‘volunteered’ as hybridization vehicles for a new race of sorts. The ‘lord of heaven’ signifies the ‘solar pitris’ articulated in Theos Sophia, who aided in accelerating the breeding of new humans during the 3rd ‘root race’.

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