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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

In the Polynesian area one of the most characteristic and interesting types of cosmogonic myths was that which explained the origin of the universe as due to a sort of evolutionary development from an original chaos or nothingness; and, at least in central Polynesia, this assumed a genealogical form. This evolutionary genealogical type of origin-myths seems, so far as available material goes, to be lacking in Indonesia, except in one very restricted region, the island of Nias, lying off the western coast of Sumatra. According to myths from this island, there was in the beginning only darkness and fog, which condensed and brought forth a being with-out speech or motion, without head, arms, or legs; and in its turn this being gave existence to another, who died, and from whose heart sprang a tree which bore three sets of three buds. From the first two sets six beings were produced, two of whom made from the third set of buds a man and a woman—the ancestors of mankind. The several variants of the myth differ in details, but all agree in tracing the origin of things to a primeval chaos, from which after several generations was developed a tree that in turn gave rise to gods and men. Although lacking the details and development found in Polynesia, these Nias myths seem to show the same fundamental conception.

In the beginning was the void or Chaos, as Theos Sophia or divine wisdom had established. The Supreme Being—the One Universal Principles, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent—then projected ideations unto the void to begin Kosmos, thus ensuing with a new Manvantara or great cycle of life/existence.

‘Brought forth a being without speech or motion, without head, arms, or legs’ shows the formless state of evolved beings who were re-integrated into the Godhead at the end of the previous Manvantara. Such beings, referred in the singular in the mythos, were re-awakened at the start of the new Manvantara. They were of pure Spirit, nay were caused by the cause of all causes, the Spirit-Force.

Brahma is deity of the physical universe, and has been mandated to direct the materialization of objective & subjective domains. Brahma & Elohim, as deific team, as well as Shakti/Mother & diverse logoi & archangels, cooperated in creating the first of oversouls which then descended into the lower domains—signified by ‘gave birth to a being who died’. That means, the oversouls have to step down the ladder, thus relatively losing certain spirituality or Light, in order to proceed with soul evolutions—this is the Devolution phase in the Law of Evolution.

The projections of the oversouls to create souls which then descended down the material planes, and from there came forth Evolutes of humans. Such was to happen during the 4th Evolutionary Round, or devic-man phase, in the totality of 7 Evolutionary Rounds prior to return to Godhead.

‘Set of beings’ practically reveal the Twinflame mates as androgyn souls have to bifurcate into the male and female ‘components’, during the mid-Lemurian, when procreation turned from the previous asexual (egg-laying or oviparous) to sexual. 6 beings of 3 sets, meaning 3 sub-races of humans birthing sexually, of human souls with corresponding dualities materializing as male and female on the surface.

[Philippines, 22 June 2011]





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