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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Let’s move on to a reflection on the ‘root of life’ at a time when Light as cosmic effervescence has radiated darkness. The Father-Mother, called Oeaohoo, is One.

The spiritually Perfected Ones proclaimed in Sloka 5 of Stanza 3, Book of Dzyan, the following statement: “THE ROOT REMAINS, THE LIGHT REMAINS, THE CURDS REMAIN, AND STILL OEAOHOO (a) IS ONE (b).”

HPBlavatsky, chela of the Mahatmas & Chohans of the Great White Brotherhood, substantiated the said sloka, in Volume I, Secret Doctrine, with the following articulation:

(a) OEAOHOO is rendered “Father-Mother of the Gods” in the Commentaries, or the SIX IN ONE, or the septenary root from which all proceeds. All depends upon the accent given to these seven vowels, which may be pronounced as one, three, or even seven syllables by adding an e after the letter “o.” This mystic name is given out, because without a thorough mastery of the triple pronunciation it remains for ever ineffectual.

(b) This refers to the Non-Separateness of all that lives and has its being, whether in active or passive state. In one sense, Oeaohoo is the “Rootless Root of All”; hence, one with Parabrahmam; in another sense it is a name for the manifested ONE LIFE, the Eternal living Unity. The “Root” means, as already explained, pure knowledge (Sattva),* eternal (Nitya) unconditioned reality or SAT (Satya), whether we call it Parabrahmam or Mulaprakriti, for these are the two aspects of the ONE. The “Light” is the same Omnipresent Spiritual Ray, which has entered and now fecundated the Divine Egg, and calls cosmic matter to begin its long series of differentiations. The curds are the first differentiation, and probably refer also to that cosmic matter which is supposed to be the origin of the “Milky Way”—the matter we know. This “matter,” which, according to the revelation received from the primeval Dhyani-Buddhas, is, during the periodical sleep of the Universe, of the ultimate tenuity conceivable to the eye of the perfect Bodhisatva—this matter, radical and cool, becomes, at the first reawakening of cosmic motion, scattered through Space; appearing, when seen from the Earth, in clusters and lumps, like curds in thin milk. These are the seeds of the future worlds, the “Star-stuff.

Sattva, as explicated, is pure knowledge. This is emblazoned in the mantra of purification: OM VAJRA SATTVA HOM. It is a mantra used to invoke the powers for greater wisdom, with the aid of divine beings.

Sat, an untranslateable term as HPB explained (see my notes on the previous stanzas), is roughly Mulaprakriti or Parabrhamam. In the following mantra it is embedded: OM TAT SAT OM.

[Philippines, 04 February 2012]


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