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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

So was it declared by the Perfected Ones in Sloka/line 3 of Stanza 1, Book of Dzyan: “UNIVERSAL MIND WAS NOT, FOR THERE WERE NO AH-HI (celestial beings) TO CONTAIN (hence to manifest) IT.”

In page 38 of Volume 1 of the Secret Doctrine,

Mind is a name given to the sum of the states of Consciousness grouped under Thought, Will, and Feeling. During deep sleep, ideation ceases on the physical plane, and memory is in abeyance; thus for the time-being “Mind is not,” because the organ, through which the Ego manifests ideation and memory on the material plane, has temporarily ceased to function. A noumenon can become a phenomenon on any plane of existence only by manifesting on that plane through an appropriate basis or vehicle; and during the long night of rest called Pralaya, when all the existences are dissolved, the “UNIVERSAL MIND” remains as a permanent possibility of mental action, or as that abstract absolute thought, of which mind is the concrete relative manifestation. The AH-HI (Dhyan-Chohans) are the collective hosts of spiritual beings—the Angelic Hosts of Christianity, the Elohim and “Messengers” of the Jews—who are the vehicle for the manifestation of the divine or universal thought and will. They are the Intelligent Forces that give to and enact in Nature her “laws,” while themselves acting according to laws imposed upon them in a similar manner by still higher Powers; but they are not “the personifications” of the powers of Nature, as erroneously thought. This hierarchy of spiritual Beings, through which the Universal Mind comes into action, is like an army—a “Host,” truly—by means of which the fighting power of a nation manifests itself, and which is composed of army corps, divisions, brigades, regiments, and so forth, each with its separate individuality or life, and its limited freedom of action and limited responsibilities; each contained in a larger individuality, to which its own interests are subservient, and each containing lesser individualities in itself.

In the behavioral sciences, mental refers to those endowments of cognition that permit us to process raw data from perception to conception. In Theos Sophia, mind extends beyond cognition, as it also includes the will and feelings (affective).

The distinction between ‘lower mind’ and ‘higher mind’ was also clarified to us by the Perfected Ones. ‘Lower mind’ pertains to cognition in the psyche (personality or lower self), whereas ‘higher mind’ are endowments of the spiritual ‘bodies’ of the person. To a person who is on the threshold of spiritual awakening, there is developed a sublime synergy betwixt lower and higher minds.

Theos Sophia however goes beyond the ‘lower mind’ to ‘higher mind’ distinction and synergy. As clarified, during the state of pralaya, when all minds are dissolved, a Universal Mind prevails as the harbinger of future minds when the beginning of a new manvantara unfolds.

In order to waken up one’s own spiritual faculties, an aspirant has to evolve to the level of an AH-HI or the host of Planetary Spirits. Already in a perfected state, the Planetary Spirit or Dhyan Chohan is ensured a “merger” with the Godhead at the end of the Maha-Kalpa, and will be re-awakened in the next cosmic cycle to ensue with new missions.

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